Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arthas's cousin?! I'll never fogive you for that.

So let’s see. Our guild is just a hopping along these days. Dodger hit 66 and is probably halfway to 67. Ozzy is on her way there as well. I like being able to hang out on the server and farm or help the peeps. Helping friends > /w Can you help me with this kill quest?

I never really help with kill quests cuz a) they are easy b) they are an XP grind and I would just cut into the XP and c) Just no. Group quests tho! Now those are fun. When I first met Dodger (Who’s real name is Paul) we went around calling him Mau’dib. Yes, we are dork like that. I’m not saying it was his permanent name but when he would make an entrance we’d hit him up with it.

I haven’t gotten to play with Dodger as much I like because a) been sick and b) he plays late on weekdays when I am either in full blow G farm mode or am about to log. So last night I decided to go hang with him and get some stuff done. We were doing quests when Noobed logs on. /w Noobed “You gots time to do Ring of Blood?” and he says sure.

I get Dodger over there while I am /w the wife if she would like to help. She doesn’t answer either whisper but accepts the group invite. I don’t think anything about this because she could be fighting alliance. Also while doing this, there is a warrior named Freeway (Shout out) and I ask him if needs and he says yes. This is how one builds good Karma.

So we start up and I make a point of asking Noobed if he WANTS me to shield up. What’s he say? Nah he says. See people… Noobed LIKES to complain. It doesn’t matter that he didn’t use anymore than 2k mana of his 10k in healing me. I am waiting on his next whine post about me not using a shield AGAIN on Ring of Blood.

Right after ring, Noobed minds me about the Bone Worm quest for another blue dagger. Let’s go get that for Dodger… wait a tic… Hai’ Shulud!!! Dune references!! With Dodger!!! Damn I should taken a pic. Sigh

And one of my all time favs in the game…

“I mean really Arthas’s cousin?! I’ll never forgive you for that.”

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