Friday, November 30, 2007

At times...

Has anyone else gone completely out of their, in my case this is very limited, realm of knowledge after they have hit 30 to find something incredibley intriguing that causes a moment of say... "Huh, look at that statement."

I read this...

The real price of every thing, what every thing really costs to the man who wants to acquire it, is the toil and trouble of acquiring it. What every thing is really worth to the man who has acquired it, and who wants to dispose of it or exchange it for something else, is the toil and trouble which it can save to himself, and which it can impose upon other people.(Wealth of Nations Book 1, chapter V) -Adam Smith

I'll be chewing on this one for days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My to do list...

K...Now a small to do list for Arms&Fury...I know you're busy, I know you have a family... but if you have time to burn rest xp on alts, you have time to do this crap...

1. Get revered with CC... I gave you that stack of unidentified plant parts for a reason... namely, so when you turn 70, you'd be a hop skip and jump from revered and that +34 ap, +10 hit helm buff. A SV run is not that difficult...

2. SHUT THE HELL UP about your plans for WotLK! Itsa goddamn year and a half off! We're both gonna burn the hell out and stop playing for about 3 months sometime between now and then..

3. Dude... yuir still only friendly with the scryers? AFTER I spotted you 50 firewing signets? End game my left nut, +13 crit, +25 ap buffs doan do it for you?If Ratshag can get exalted with scryer, and THEN turn around and get honored with Aldor, you can damn sure move yuir faction up a bit...

4. Remember! I almost died earlier this year. The had to burn my heart... and I still have serious health issues. Please stop giving me crap when I doan feel like playing after putting in 9 hours at work...

5. Grammar! For god's sake... the headline is MABD OWNS! not MABD OWNED!

6. Farm either gold or mats for the Nethercobra leg patch. Legging buff, +a zillion crit and ap. Doan have to get it right now, but sooner or later you gonna get the season 3 legs, and you'll want this ready for that.

Everyone see that?!!!

Fine then... Noobed once Herk out the box... Noob gonna get Herk out the box.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Mabd owned, Druid got some love and a Pally for Hipnatizd

So ya,

Mabd and I went into 2v2 on Sunday... with a small diversion into 3v3, we did a lot better than what we had been doing.

Mabd has gotten a lot better with his MM abilities. Paladins are, as we speak, getting a group together to hunt the hunter down and make sure he is not allowed to desecrate their class ever again. He really really owned any paladin we came across. There was a small matter of 2 elemental shamans I charged into... I get one down past 50% life and fear bomb them right before I die, which happened quickly. Mabd, on the other hand, kills both of them. THEN, makes it seem like I wasn't even in the match... What a F*%$er!

Mabd and his abuse

It's almost comical, in a way, to play the game with Mabd. He is very disapproving of how I spend some of my wow time, like when I play alts. I like my alts, I like playing the different classes to get a feel for how they play. If Mabd logs on and sees me playing the hunter I usually get either /w Rotok "..." or "hrmm." I think he tolerates the Druid a bit more. I talk about how much different playing the Druid is and he is like "ya ya ya, How's the Scryer's rep on Herk going?" I am not playing Herk through his endgame as much as I had Kelmar because I know I will not be doing any endgame instances for this expansion. So, with that in mind, I wan't to have some different characters at lv 70 for WOTLK.

I keep going on on about the druid because of the utility of the class. I ran Aerthson through Zul-Farrak on Sat. Ended up 2nd in damage (behind another higher level Boomkin) and 2nd in healing. I could also, cc, tank, stealth, buff... Druid may very well be a main for the next xpac.

Hipnatizd is my wife for those new to the blog. She has a 68 priest on the PvE ally server and some alts on the Horde server. Recently, she has come to like playing Hunters. I really encouraged her to play a hunter because the are sooo easy to solo with. Since I thought about Mabd's behavior with how I play wow... I realized I, too, am an ass to my wife when she plays. I usually try and level balls to the wall. Well, she doesn't. So, I tell her I am sorry and please come play with me. She accepted!!!

She made a BE hunter ( She will not play the ugly if teh pretty is there and stats/racials be damned lol) and I made a BE pally ( I have been wanting to play one) and we go to play. About this time, a guildie come across gchat and says he needs a tank for the last boss and they are in the last room now. Can anyone please help? Now, I really need to start listening to my gut and not helping people out in instances, but it is a new guild and I wanted to be helpful. 45 min later, nothing but a repair bill and time taken. Never again!

We played the BE's for about half hour before I had to sleep and it was all good fun.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Blog


Check out Shifttusk!

Need More Rage

If you haven't gone to Need More Rage you are missing out on the funny. Time to start blowing up that site meter of his.

Start with his guild drama and stay for the chips.

RP server... finally got some RP in.

RP = Roleplay for the uninitiated.

I had one of the funnest times in WoW last night. I spent an hour in Brill on Herk roleplaying with a new guild who is in the process of getting another guild to join. I had a great time talking in character and deciding what type of character Herk would be.

There were many a duel fought. The guild mage is still really confused why he got owned. Problem is, he was Fire and not frost. Also, he blinked first thing. The nasty mages are the ones who frost nova me and walk away... god how I hate them. I duel our GM because he is a warrior like me. He is Fury for leveling and I am arms and slightly epic'd. I like to see how quickly I can kill him. He was 68 last night and I killed him without losing 1k life. I got crit lucky and OMG I still love the Heroic strike.

I beat a MM hunter in a duel as well. To be fair, it wasn't a dair duel. I had 50 rage when we started and he was Hamstrung the entire fight. He did wonder why his second Freeze Trap didn't go off, but I think he lost the duel at the same time he set it.

Then there was this Shaman in Merciless gear... Ya... it was bad. His lightning bolt hit for anywhere between 3-5k damage. Only once did I get the reflect off and it surprised him. I got him down to about 50% health.


I finished up the Dustwallow Marsh quests. A few of the quests out there are really inventive now. I escpecially like the quest near the crash site where you are charged with melting the oozes with the zapper.

Everyone in Dustwallow had a druid! I counted six of us (Ally/Horde) in one place at one time. I am liking the druid more and more each time I play him. When I play him next, it will be time for Feralas. I have his Leatherworking up to 226 and will be going Tribal. He is 45 now with a 295 skinning. By the time I hit 58 he should be at 300 leatherworking or a little more.

The DPS for Boomkin is amazing. Does anyone know if the Boomkin can outdamage a mage given equal gear?


I know how it sounds... I still concede the war... you win.


Asshat. 'nuff said


Quit talking PvP :p


Where is the love?!

Ironbelly/ Sugars

Flipping paly again already... I need my Ray time. Sorry we missed the trip.


I miss you the most!


I miss you just as much as Hipnatizd!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

31/30 with Heroic, Aerthson the Druid and Blood of the Underworld

Patch 2.3

Personally, I love the changes on warrior trees. I think the make a lot of sense. Escpecially for those who want to solely do PvP or PvE. Fury is now very viable for PvE DPS again. Arms got to cut out the need for Sweeping Strikes... I use SS to level... never even seen it proc in PvP even if I had a) enough rage or b) cast as a freebie. So losing that and being able to put just that 1 point somewhere else was very cool for me.

For a long time I was a Fury/ PvE warrior and I like the changes they made. I really like the Whirlwind Proc from both weapons as this will eat up Sweeping Strikes like mad... I can just see all those numbers floating up. I am a big believer in keep the OH and MH as slow as possible. Some people like to see a fast OH for faster rage generation, but given the new proc on WW I think we will see a lot more warrior go with a slower OH for bigger crits on WW.

Druid changes;

I didn't notice a major differences when playing me Boomkin. I like when I tap PAWS in Boomkin I shift automatically. The other stuff I just haven't noticed effecting me yet. Something I realize about WoW; leveling is a whole different beast than endgame. Something that clearly will not effect your ability to level can become your raison d'etre for bitching at blizz come endgame.

Side note: 44 Lock Vs 44 Boomkin = Boomkin Win ( I still love Warstomp... you can cast it in Boomkin form and makes for a great interrupt.)

Blood of the Underworld

Blood is a new guild I am looking at joining. They are a RP guild, which I like, and will be doing instances/ raiding. I don't know about that whole raiding thing, but I would like to do the Heroics on the weekend. I like to tank and need my fix.

TJ and Noobed... Where is the fight in you guys?! Seriously, my son's toy cars have more grudge than you guys... I want some drama!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mabd getting better... Melvin's team... and the druid

So then

Mabd and I had some really good fights this week. I think we are starting to pull 50% wins again after the dread MM switch. Main difference for MM... Mabd will own a pally... even 2 pallys.

Teams we beat


Teams we got owned by...

Priest/ Warrior
Mage/ Lock
Lock/ Warrior
Pally/ Mage

Sigh, we are working on it... not very hard mind you. Mabd's skills are doing much better. Better enough, in fact, that I choose a target and go after and not really think about him much. Unless he yells at me over vent... Yanno, sometime I just don't see the stealthed NELF priest!!! SORRY! lol

Played 5v5 with Melvin's team. Team make up at the start was


and we couldn't kill shit. I was told to follow the other warriors lead and focus fire on his target... I can take instruction most times. So I did. Cept... this warrior will NOT pick a target and charge... he waits... waits some more... then we have no charge cuz we are in combat! Well, I could only take that for 3 matches and then I led the charges/fear bombs. Not once in that original team make up did we kill 1 thing... I swear NOT ONE THING. The mages should have been able to do that themselves... never happened. One of the biggest reasons we were getting OMGWTFBBQ pwned was the other teams had healers... I mean that plural too. Not one of the teams we fought against had less than 2 healers.

After about 5 of those, they switch to their alts...


YOU HAD A FUCKING PRIEST AND SHAMAN and not one of you thought healing would be a good thing?!!?! wtf!!!

After a coupla losses we got into a rhythm and starting getting some wins even against good teams. I had fun tho.

Mabd and I decided to get our 2v2 in just in case we could win a couple. We won both!!! We won big against a Druid/Rogue too. It was 2 really really good matches and Mabd was on point for both. If we played more arena we would get good. Practice makes perfect!

The Druid.

Is getting leveled. I could bust ass on Herk to get him some epics, but I really want to have another toon for when WOTLK comes out. I am having tons of fun leveling the druid as a Boomkin. When the patch comes out it will go very fast for Aerthson since he is almost 44 now. Druid gives me so much more opportunities to play. He can tank, heal, dps... he is also a caster that can get hit on! I need that... really... I do.


If you want your Kelmar back... you need to get Hipnatizd off her ass and tell her to level! How's the fight with Mabd going?! He is talking smack like he owns you.

Thought you would want to know :D

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Warrior fun and PvP Madness

Real quick... logged on late and played a bit. I was gonna do my dailies and some arena. I managed to do dailies and then I did several group quests in Shadowmoon. I am now equally geared for tanking on either Kelmar or Herk. I am thinking about getting a little tanking in on Herk after the patch so I can get a few gear upgrades. I am sitting on about 20k honor and about 1k arena points. Hopefully it will be enough for at least 3 pieves of purple after the patch.

So Herk is starting to do his quest in Shadowmoon and then on to Netherstorm. Elite flying... here I come... again... sigh

I am going to start talking PvP here. I have done some warrior posts about leveling ... sorry about that AP error all! I really want to start getting into the meat of how to take out the other classes and who I should attack when. I will need any and all help I can get.

Hunters: Biggest problem I have with them is getting to them. They trap/ scatter/ keep me at range. Now, it is hard to get a charge off on a decent hunter... they have greater range than I. Even if they didn't, most of the time they drop a freeze trap and dare me to charge into it. I can actually reflect these but needing to have the shield on and already have 25 rage seems a little much. I usually end up walking around it while they pump me full of arrows/bullets. I completely disregard pets.

Once I get to him, I hamstring and start wacking away with the 2H while they kite. Sometimes I have already used Intercept to get to the hunter. Should I always save this? It's not like the hunter can blink, but they do always seem (Hopping for some reason) to get away from me again... or the trap cooldown is up and I get trapped again.

Hunters... Fellow warriors... What are the ideas for Warrior Vs Hunters? What kills?


Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Made the Axe... did some sigs... will post something soon.

So if you read Renoobed, I have a new job. I would like to post more but time is always in small quantities here.

Axe is super fun. Can't wait to get gear to match it.

Started getting all the rested XP gone from the alts. Hunters are still fun as hell... Easy mode tho. Druids/ Boomkin style is really really nice... I just don't know how to PvP with it. Mage is fun too... I die... a lot. sigh

What else...

We are sucking at 2v2. We need practice and Noob boy only wants to practice on weekends. WTF?! Maybe he will be nice and use the mage in 2v2 since he plays those better.

TJ!!! Sorry I am not giving you Kelmar love but Horde on PvP is just soooo much more fun. You really have no idea. I am waiting on part 3 of your post about the stalker btw... chop chop.

We are going to see Ironbelly/Sugars this weekend in Texas to check out his new fam with the addition of Xavier (X-man) Deal!

Also, we will be hitting the RenFest with Connor in tow. Hipnatizd made him a kilt! It looks awesome.

I have a small poll question...

Think I should

a) Play Herk til he is epic'd out?
b) Show the alts some love?
c) Show at least 1alt (HealingClass) enough love to get to 70 before WOTLK?
d) Go over to TJ's house and take all her Diet coke!

Laters all