Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This really needs updating

Considering I am playing many games other than just WOW... I have decided to modify my blogging to the below. I hope you enjoy.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can I get back in line? I just left for a drink.

I quit playing (again) in January of this year. I get the urge to play sometimes because it is a fun game and I like the fantasy setting. I, in no way, consider myself addicted to it… anymore that is. When I feel the need to look around some, I pimp Ray’s account. My friend Ray is the only one still playing WoW out of our guild. I occasionally log on to pitter around just a touch and look at things I have heard about.

Yesterday, I log on to his account to pitter after making sure he is not online. I look to see if any of the old guild people have been on. Sorry I missed you online Ozzy!. While I look, I notice that Sony’s toons have all been online in the last 4 days.


Did my wife lowball me and start playing? See, Sony likes playing WoW. I’ll go as far as to say the girl LOVES MMOs and keeps a tight reign on her gaming. She even played Warhammer online and lost a bit of time. Ah well, that’s her story to tell. Back to mine…

Her toons are online?! I check to see when her main was online. The toon isn’t even in the guild. Uh oh. HACKED!! I armory her toon and it has been transferred to a different server. Uh oh, her alts have access to the guild bank and my toon, which is guild lead, does not have an active account. Quickly throwing some money at my account, I log on and kick the rest of her toons and check the guild bank (4tabs worth) and notice nothing is gone. /whew

I make a toon on the server that Sony has been transferred to. Her main is actually online! I repress the urge to tip my hand by cussing this guy out and instead call Blizzard. First, I talk to Eric. Eric doesn’t wish to talk to me because I am not Sony. I get Sony. Sony talks to Eric and starts verifying things. After giving him 2 ½ of our original authentication keys and the random mother’s name of “I am Stupid” (Really, don’t ask.) We find out that the account got reactivated 3 days ago. He resets our password but does so before resetting our email account. Moron. He sent the temp password to the hacker! /facepalm

Call Blizz back and talk to a lady who told us what happened and then set us up properly. I log on and change the password to something using every key on the keyboard. Log on to her main and all her gear is intact. This is when I notice her low level lock has been transferred as well! WTF again? Can you guess WoW players? He paid for a bank alt to be transferred. I look on the alt and he has over 5000g and a bit more on the AH. He has been doing nothing but grinding in Sholazaar. We have been hacked by Ni Hao himself.

We now have all of Ni Hao’s AH stuff and gold. Sony left her toon with about 500g on her. No we have probably around 6k total. We read the policy about unauthorized transfers. If they transfer the toon back, it will NOT come back with the gold or the mats. We will pay the 25 to get her sent back and keep all the stuff thank you very much.

A month of WoW – 14.99
Two toon transfers – 50.00
Grinding gold farmer style for 4 days – 6000g

Getting your account BACK from the gold farmer before he has offloaded all his gold and getting to keep the spoils – Priceless

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

All good things...

Let’s face it internet peeps. I haven’t been writing about Arms or Fury lately and it is time for a change. Also, it looks more and more likely that I will be playing my dwarf in the spare time as none of my peeps are all the interested in seeing Alliance side again.

I read a lot of blogs. Even more than I have linked in my blogroll and have come to like several different styles. As I get used to blogging dailyish, I find myself wanting to do different types of blogging and think I will try them out. I very much like Team Ratshag style and would love to try my hand at blogging from a specific toons point of view. In all regards, writing as a toon will probably convince me to write those 2 short stories that my lovely wife encourages me to do.

Another thing I would like to do is talk about the different classes I play a la Out of Mana. Currently, I have a 43 Mage, 56 Shammy, 71 Boomkin, 34 Hunter, 30 Pally and I still haven’t done the Death Knight starting zones. I would like a chance to talk about all of those toons and different classes.

So blogging under the banner of ArmsandFury is starting to stifle and it is time for a change. To add to my new endeavor, I have enlisted the help of some friends/family. Namely, I will have contributions from my wife, Sugars and Dodger to start. I would love to get some Dammerung in it but he is quite the busy atm and I haven’t seen him online to ask/nag him about it.

The name’s the rub. I settled on Kelmar’s Blog. I chose it for 2 reasons. 1) I will be the primary writer on it and 2) It is not WoW centric which is an idea Tobold gave to one of his readers. If I quit playing WoW or wish to talk about non wow related stuff (i.e. weighlifting, anime, books, movies… trying to get my wife into something skimpy) than the title has not misrepresented the contents in anyway.

I will be working on setting it up this weekend. Sunday will see a post with my new link to Kelmar’s Blog. Hope to see you all there. Also, if you have any suggestions for content, I am more than willing to try them out.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tanking VS Healing

So as the banner on the blog shows, I have two warriors I run. Herk most assuredly got the more love in Burning Crusade. For Wrath, I plan on playing them equally. I am busy leveling Kelmar/Brewhammer now. I need to change Kel’s name but haven’t done so because I accidentally used my placeholder “Brewhammer” dwarf for a bank alt. I’ll get around to it. So I am running Kelmar as prot right now because it is the easiest way to get an instance group. The Arms and Fury will come more into play as I get him to 80. I will then have Herk and Brewhammer running BGs for Arms and Fury fun talk. When dual spec hits, I will have tons of stuff to blog about.

I know what’s coming. “You leveled Herk as prot! Give us your name sake back!” Well, I can’t just yet. See, my wife has decided to play her priest with me. We will be tag teaming the instances somewhat sooooo prot just makes more sense right now.

Speaking of her priest, I ran her some last night taking a look at her spells and what not. Now, her poor toon was even less gear than Kelmar. How bad? To the name of about 540 spell power at lv 70. The nice thing is the gear reset! Say what you want but wanting to play a toon and being able to pick them back up after a hiatus is all win in my book. Hipnatizd will take a bit of work but she can be just as geared as any when she hits 80. The wife’s plan is to level Holy which I already trounced for a weekend so I can get her caught up to Kelmar. Kelmar is within 200k of 72. I have to get Hipper to at least 71 and some gear and then we are good to go from there.

She still loves her hunter though. I am not sure why she is playing with me on Drenden. Perhaps she didn’t think I would play him this soon? I have Herk where I want him for prot gear because I don’t plan on playing him until my friends are ready to run instances for gear. I am content to let Herk lounge around doing Hodir rep while they level to 80 because I a have Kelmar to play. However, if my wife is playing her priest solely to not be left behind my leveling butt, then I need to not play Kelmar right now. Decisions decisions… maybe we will see her comment and tell me what she wants to do!

Now that I have rambled enough, to the point of the title! I ran Hipnatizd at 69 through Utgarde Keep. Party was… 69 Holy Priest (Moi), Arms 2 1h warrior, Unholy DK, Blood BK and a rogue. Sweet monkeys!!!! We wiped 4 times on first boss because they would not help my little butt with the skellies (they killed me) and the ice blocl ( it killed me)… it was a MESS. My greater heals were hitting for 4500 and critting for 7k. My healing was there… group dynamic WASN’T… again. As my son used to say when he first started talking… MELP MEH.

A couple of requests for my email have been heard. I will update the site with it. For now, it is ArmsandFury - @ - gmail.com.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sometimes goodbye is a second chance

Then there's the threat issue. My favorite tank blogger has gone from "you can't pull aggro offa me if you try!" to "well, they just have to be more careful with threat..." and "you know, you generate a lot of threat asa healer!" – Renoobed

Did he just try and make me sound like a Melvin where tanking is concerned? Specifically this crap statement "you know, you generate a lot of threat asa healer!” Lets talk about this internet.

Ya, none of that is accurate. I have never said you can't pull aggro off me if you tried. What I did say is I generate a lot of threat. Specifically, I can generate between 3k to 3500 on a single target now. BRK could always pull aggro off me in nagrand in blues but then again that is BRK. I ran with a ret Pally on Brewhammer last night and we did Nexus. He grabbed EVERY single bit of aggro off any add we had because he kept using his AoE first thing instead of letting me lay some Shockwave and Thunderclaps down.

Parties DO need to be more careful with threat in Heroics. Heroics are NOT the AoE fest of latter day Burning Crusade. Time to learn to play your DPS class again you DPSers you. Listen, sometimes you can CC and sometimes you can not. If you can’t CC and it’s a Heroic and you and your party are at gear level or slightly under or above, you are to DPS the tank’s target and switch to HIS next target. Period. If you want to lay down some AoE or start tacking 2-3 mobs with your AoE damage spells, you had best wait for some sunders on said extra mobs. Thunderclap and Shockwave are good but they will not stand up to random execute crits as the better threat generator.

Side note for warriors: If you have a group like this, it is time to start doing the old tab, threat build, tab, threat build, tab, threat build rotation. It helps.

What I said about your healing threat was that it JUMPED exponentially from other healers I had seen, notably priest and druids. To which you said you had skipped the aggro reducing talents in favor of more healing talents. Right, because Blizz makes it where you have to choose between better healing or aggro reducers. However, I'll let that slide because I know crap about Shaman healing but I suspect there is some fat in your Healing spec that could be trimmed for aggro reducers. Not that it really matters because I don’t run with your EPeening crazy heals ZOMGBBQSAUCE leetness much.

So here's what I had folks on the above Heroic Azjol Nerub run with Noobed. A mage who was really decent on the DPS, a deathknight who wasn’t above 900kdps and a lock who I was doing more DPS than. We wiped on the first chain pull about 5 times. One of those things would always get loose and smack someone while I was webbed. I would type WEBBED and no one would hit me. Also, they do have a stunlock that is web based that makes you run around like a moron. There were two main problems. First, kill order. The other 2 DPSers decided to kill what the felt like or would stat on Skull and then pop AoE talents. Second was DPS vs my gear. I am at entry level Heroic tanking gear. Nothing great really.

24.5 health unbuffed
23k armor
542 def
19.67 Dodge
15 Parry

I do NOT overgear Heroics which means I can not take up the slack of crap DPS or bad healing. The healing was not bad at all cept for the threat generation he was getting. When your first heal hits 1700 TPS on my omen, there is a problem. I can pull 3500 TPS on a single target and am not too sure what gets pulled on the add targets with TC, Glyph sunder and Shockwave. I am going to set Omen to show me 4 targets tonight and see what that looks like.

I am really going to quit running things with Noobed for two reasons. 1) He outgears me and needs to run with his own crowd and 2) I just don’t like playing the game with him anymore. If I make a mistake or don’t perform the way his “non tanking class ever played” thinks I should have he turns into kind of an ass. I know he is going to be an ass and it gets me jittery and I yell if I make a mistake. This upsets my son and my wife because they don’t like it when I get loud. So no more with Noobed other than in game conversations… he is taking the fun out of my game.
So this will be the last post for any Arms vs Noobed; It's just getting old and not worth my time.

Monday, December 8, 2008


Guys and Gals,

Work is officially insane today! I will try and give a better post. Probably after I get home today.

On a side note, anyone see that Alabama v Florida game? WoW, that was FOOTBALL!