Friday, December 12, 2008

All good things...

Let’s face it internet peeps. I haven’t been writing about Arms or Fury lately and it is time for a change. Also, it looks more and more likely that I will be playing my dwarf in the spare time as none of my peeps are all the interested in seeing Alliance side again.

I read a lot of blogs. Even more than I have linked in my blogroll and have come to like several different styles. As I get used to blogging dailyish, I find myself wanting to do different types of blogging and think I will try them out. I very much like Team Ratshag style and would love to try my hand at blogging from a specific toons point of view. In all regards, writing as a toon will probably convince me to write those 2 short stories that my lovely wife encourages me to do.

Another thing I would like to do is talk about the different classes I play a la Out of Mana. Currently, I have a 43 Mage, 56 Shammy, 71 Boomkin, 34 Hunter, 30 Pally and I still haven’t done the Death Knight starting zones. I would like a chance to talk about all of those toons and different classes.

So blogging under the banner of ArmsandFury is starting to stifle and it is time for a change. To add to my new endeavor, I have enlisted the help of some friends/family. Namely, I will have contributions from my wife, Sugars and Dodger to start. I would love to get some Dammerung in it but he is quite the busy atm and I haven’t seen him online to ask/nag him about it.

The name’s the rub. I settled on Kelmar’s Blog. I chose it for 2 reasons. 1) I will be the primary writer on it and 2) It is not WoW centric which is an idea Tobold gave to one of his readers. If I quit playing WoW or wish to talk about non wow related stuff (i.e. weighlifting, anime, books, movies… trying to get my wife into something skimpy) than the title has not misrepresented the contents in anyway.

I will be working on setting it up this weekend. Sunday will see a post with my new link to Kelmar’s Blog. Hope to see you all there. Also, if you have any suggestions for content, I am more than willing to try them out.


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