Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tanking VS Healing

So as the banner on the blog shows, I have two warriors I run. Herk most assuredly got the more love in Burning Crusade. For Wrath, I plan on playing them equally. I am busy leveling Kelmar/Brewhammer now. I need to change Kel’s name but haven’t done so because I accidentally used my placeholder “Brewhammer” dwarf for a bank alt. I’ll get around to it. So I am running Kelmar as prot right now because it is the easiest way to get an instance group. The Arms and Fury will come more into play as I get him to 80. I will then have Herk and Brewhammer running BGs for Arms and Fury fun talk. When dual spec hits, I will have tons of stuff to blog about.

I know what’s coming. “You leveled Herk as prot! Give us your name sake back!” Well, I can’t just yet. See, my wife has decided to play her priest with me. We will be tag teaming the instances somewhat sooooo prot just makes more sense right now.

Speaking of her priest, I ran her some last night taking a look at her spells and what not. Now, her poor toon was even less gear than Kelmar. How bad? To the name of about 540 spell power at lv 70. The nice thing is the gear reset! Say what you want but wanting to play a toon and being able to pick them back up after a hiatus is all win in my book. Hipnatizd will take a bit of work but she can be just as geared as any when she hits 80. The wife’s plan is to level Holy which I already trounced for a weekend so I can get her caught up to Kelmar. Kelmar is within 200k of 72. I have to get Hipper to at least 71 and some gear and then we are good to go from there.

She still loves her hunter though. I am not sure why she is playing with me on Drenden. Perhaps she didn’t think I would play him this soon? I have Herk where I want him for prot gear because I don’t plan on playing him until my friends are ready to run instances for gear. I am content to let Herk lounge around doing Hodir rep while they level to 80 because I a have Kelmar to play. However, if my wife is playing her priest solely to not be left behind my leveling butt, then I need to not play Kelmar right now. Decisions decisions… maybe we will see her comment and tell me what she wants to do!

Now that I have rambled enough, to the point of the title! I ran Hipnatizd at 69 through Utgarde Keep. Party was… 69 Holy Priest (Moi), Arms 2 1h warrior, Unholy DK, Blood BK and a rogue. Sweet monkeys!!!! We wiped 4 times on first boss because they would not help my little butt with the skellies (they killed me) and the ice blocl ( it killed me)… it was a MESS. My greater heals were hitting for 4500 and critting for 7k. My healing was there… group dynamic WASN’T… again. As my son used to say when he first started talking… MELP MEH.

A couple of requests for my email have been heard. I will update the site with it. For now, it is ArmsandFury - @ -


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