Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday oddity


I have to babysit for a few hours early Monday cuz my wife has to go to work. I wake up at 8am and the kiddo is still in happy dreamland. I decided to log on cuz there is fishing that needs doing and might as well since I have to log at 9 to get ready for work. Get fishing from 50-153 in an hour or so.


Get to work at 11am do to lunch. Now this sucks... I have to work until 7:30 for today to get my hours in. 7 roles around and I have to leave... can't stand the boredom.

On the way home, call Noobed to see about Arena tonight. No answer. Ah well, he probably on train home.

Get home, eat dinner with family, give kiddo his Hershey's and watch him open it. Seeing my son opening the candy bar is a true treat for me as it takes him a few minutes and he gets really intense about it until he gets the wrapper open and immediately bites into the bar.

Call Noob again to see about Arena... No answer. Wonders... Noob have a date? Noob eating dinner? Noob ignoring me? Prbly last one... ah well... he will log on.


See Sugars! Woot! Can you play? You hit 65?! Bastich!! Time to level.

Sugars and Aerthson are questing in Terrorkar when low and behold... a Mage and Pally Alliance asses jump us before we can jump them!!! /die

Side Note: Mages eat my Druid... either I have not figured out how to fight them or they the scissors to my paper.


Heal and mana up... rebuff... let's get some vengeance!!!

Find em farming XP with that whole Frost mage bit of grouping the entire forrest of mobs and Blizzarding them using the pally to keep the Mage alive. DO NOT do this after a gank 30 yards from said gank... its insulting!

Sugars and I go in... I spent most of the time healing myself while Sugars killed both of em. It was interesting to see how that cant outdamage my heals... did I mention the treants this time?

/w Aethson from Taz... Where's Noobed?
/w Taz... No clue, called him tho no answer. He'll log on in a bit prbly.

1 hour later

/w Aerthson from Taz... Should we do 2v2?
/w Taz... See if a shammy in guild wants to run with us. Also, you mind tanking for Ring of Blood?
/w Aerthson... Sure thing


Drventure this means you! Anyone on Lightninghoof... DO NOT accept this guy's help. He kept accepting ring quests early. After I tell him repeatedly to STOP accept and STOP attacking the ALLIANCE WHO ARE HELPING US!!! he starts the last one and after leaves the group saying guild needs him.


We decide to help the Alliance and BAM!!! Power is out at my house... no Arena at all this week. BIG BUMMER!

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Crit Heal

For those who don't believe me >.<

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Instance instance instance

Been having fun with doing instances...

Here are a few stories and one liners for everyone.

Aerthson and Sugars in Blood Furnace in the fight right before the Beholder... er the Eye thingy.

Aerthson, "Ok, need a favor warrior when the third group rushes us, you Challenging shout and I will hear the entire party with Tranquility k?"

Warrior, "Yup"

After wipe

What happened to Challenging Shout guy?

Warrior, "I'm not prot spec stupid!"

Healer Pally to Herk...

"How are you tanking 5 and not losing aggro?"

Herk, "Warstomp!"


"Yes, you didn't know that gains more aggro than Sunder and Shield Slam combined?"

"wow, I didn't know that!"

"No problem, I was lying."


Aerthson in Underbog

"YES! I wanted these gloves... any other healers that use leather? Thought not!"

"Well, er... I um... That is a healing cloak... anyone mind if I ... sorry about that all"

"Holy... a leather healing chest piece!... I er ... hey all... I know I said I wouldn't take anything else but... and I have passed on all the greens... can I?"

"Hey!!! A crap blue healing dagger... Can't use it... go for it all!"

Thanks for the run guys!... guys?

In response to my pug questions on Herk.

"No, I am not interested in joining your guild. Thank you."

In response to my pug questions on Aerthson.

See Above. Also, "yes, I know that my guild only has 3 people in it."

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Need PvP Arena Answers... or at least opinions

So BlueRageBar is at it again with renewed vigor. I have promised to grind honor for gear for Herk if they play more than 1-2 hours a week.

Here are my two scenarios... BTW we run MM hunter, Holy Pally and MS Herk.

First one,

We are in BEM map and after scanning everything with the arena frame bit, I choose the Lock pet to charge. ( As a warrior, I have to get the charge off PERIOD, even if I change to another target right after. I have to have that rage.) After killing the lock pet, I notice a rogue right next to me and stabbing Taz.

My thinking, rightly or wrongly was this... the rogue is on my healer and I can kill the rogue. The lock is also easily killed without his pet. I burst the rogue and drops him below 50%. Further thinking on this... Mabd should be helping me kill this Rogue stabbing our healer rather than worring about the lock summoning his pet back. If he is summoning his pet, he aint doing damage and we can always kill him again later. Warriors > Locks... I can kill the lock too.

Mabd's opinion was to kill the petless lock and let Taz take the rogue cuz a) Taz is wearing plate and b) Taz has a bubble.

I am not so sure this is the correct thinking. The rogue is definitely going to intterupt Taz's heals and with a Rogue that has MS on him and below 50%, Mabd shoulda switched targets and finished him off. Can he pop evasion? Sure... welcome to Overpower.

Added to the other team was a healer, Pally Mabd seems to remember. Point from my perspective is this...

This is what is going on

Dead Lock Pet
Rogue Stabs pally
Rogue gets Intercepted by Warrior
Rogue gets bursted by warrior
Lock summoning pet back
Hunter shooting lock
Rogue is at less than 50% and has MS up

Regardless of whether I chose the right target for my first burst... he should have switched instead of going off on his own.

A big problem with BlueRageBar is lack of working as a team. As a warrior, I can go after several classes and drop them... Locks, Rogues, Shamans... these are the easiest for me and from here it gets more difficult.


Second situation

Mabd is of the opinion that given an Ice Mage we should be on him first. After hearing his arguments for this I am tending to agree with him about it. BUT... I am having a hard time getting over hitting the ice mage first when they a) have that damn iceblock and b) have a healer. Can I make him "bubble" and get it out the way? Sure. Can his healer heal him back to full during the 10sec I have to wait for him to get back out? Sure can. If I intercept the healer to knock that heal off... I have to run back to the blinking mage and try and burst him again... add 3 times the frustration if said healer is a pally.

Arguments for and against the ice mage?

Thanks for any and all help!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'll post pics later...

Druid love post!

I am playing a lv 61 balance druid... the Doomkin (I really like BOOMkin better tho)

I am getting ravager eggs when bam... stunlock and stab stab stabity stab stab happens. There is this little Gnome rogue locking me up... I really can't do much and I am starting to die ><

Finally, a moment and I cast my trees and he stuns me again... I may have gotten off 1 Moonfire but no more than that and the one I did was not a crit.

Now I am still getting stabbed but my trees are going to work... and this rogue DIES!! 1 moonfire and the trees and he was dead. I laughed and laughed... called my wife in and laughed some more. She says... you gonna kill him again? I always deliver receipts for ganks if of same level! I go cat and stealth and crawl off to the side and wait for him to rez. You see... he almost had me but was killed by my TREES... he is coming back!

There he is ... I let him finish bandaging and /cast Starfire... 2100 crit /cast the flies /cast moonfire and here he goes... sprinting away... /roots! /cast Starfire gets interrupted?! Stupid NELF hunter. Cast trees at hunter and root his pet... rogue thinks he is gonna carve some laser turkey now... /moonfire x2 with a crit equals delusional rogue.

Turn to hunter who is not trying to get away from trees... root his pet again for good measure. /cast flies /cast moonfire x2 with a 1k crit and dead hunter. whew... pan around...

GNOME MAGE!!! incoming >.<

/shift to cat and speed burst equals gone Druid and I get a little ways away and /stealth.
Creep back up on mage and wait for it, wait for it.

Moonfire, flies, pot, innervate, wrath wrath wrath, moonfire moonfire and dead mage! More laughter... Rogue pops up just as mage dies and gets killed again by moi... at which time the hunter rezzes and my trees are back... stomping a mudhole into him with moonfires going off like mad.

It was one of the best times I have had in PvP.

P.S. I logged after all that... 1) It wasnt getting any better that night. 2) I so woulda been killed and camped had I stayed anywhere near Hellfire. I woulda had to go quest in Silithus.

Friday, January 11, 2008


WoW gets to be an unusual game at times. As BRK is fond of saying, "The game is just a game but the people in it are not." At least I think that's what he says or something close to it. I left my guild the other night and last night our pally friend left our 3v3 team after a disappointing run at things.

I was GM once and that flavoring could have easily been right for me except that with wife and child I don't have the time to do it properly... something I learned after I started the guild. Sigh... sorry Legendary.

New guild, new friends and old time fun.

Last night after our 3v3 and some discussion on Noobed and I's parts, he decided to quit baiting me to blow up and I decided to quit talking. Both were good decisions as things with Noobed and I can get heated.

I am trolling around doing dailies on Herk and looking at friends list and spot Asa. Asa used to be Asadoornail and we used to hang in Fallen Legion. She is in a new guild now called Exodus which is symbolic half or so of the people who left Fallen Legion. Asa and I didn't do too much together since she was 70 and I was 60-65, but we both went to help in Nagrand to kill that son of Gruul who was walking around. After two failed attempts, I took over and started /y in Nagrand since 10 people showed up and we couldn't raid the quest.

Apparently, using sex as a metaphor for how you need to slow down DPS not only wins friends and influences people; it doesn't get you banned cuz people thought it was funny. I was getting the random /w for about 3 days from people telling me they were in Nagrand when that happened and couldn't stop laughing.

So this guild is casual raiding... this is what I need right now I swear. I need a place where I can get my PvP done, play my Druid or Shammy and go play Herk when it is fun to do so.

We started last night with a bang. Herk went prot for 10/5/46 to do a Heroic instance after Connor was asleep. I LOVED IT. Not sure when the instances became fun for me again but it was probably around the time I did Sunken Temple on the druid.

I am looking forward to tanking and healing. That said, I have enough G to switch to Arms for the Arena team when I need to. Here's hoping Herk found a home.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Instance running on Shaman

All Shaman... need a hand here.

So I am leveling shammy to at least get in range of my wife's hunter who is now lv32. I am sitting at the start of lv 25 when I see LF2P for Blackfathom.

Now, since playing the druid, I like running instances again. They are fun and new again for me. What I have not done... er didn't realize since I kinda did on my Druid... is run the instances since they were made "easier." Easier is an understatment.

I get in the group and we have shammy, shammy, warrior and druid. Both shammys are Enhancement, Warrior is fury and Druid is Feral. At the level we are playing at... was there any question which spec we were playing?! But, I get the question anyway... "Are you resto?"

"F(*k no I ain't resto. I'm leveling you tool!"... I didn't type that tho.

Group lets out a sigh for enhancement and says "We are after gloves too!" What gloves?! Who gives a shit... we are level 25 for god's sake. There were no twinks either so that is a non issue.

"I don't care about the gloves. I want the xp and the quest stuff." Really?! Ya... really.

So we go... I tell them I will play main healer and they like me even more.

We get in and start wacking away at naga and turtles and I am BORED! No one... but no one even got under half health the entire instance. We ran through that place like we were questing and there was only 4 of us. It got to the point where we all just went DPS with the everpresent Healing Totem.

I checked my combat log to see if the totems stack. Since it doesn't differentiate between the two totems my guess is no. I didn't have time to go an check on it tho. If anyone knows the answer a comment would be great.

40 min laters

We are done and I am logging for the night. If they are going to be fun again or at least not a pain in the ass... I will make sure to get groups for instances instead of run throughs. This weekend!!! SM run with the wife?! Maybe...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We made it!! again!?

Here's Sugars and I bout to step on through to the other side®.

So early on Sat I had family time and when I log on around 3pm I see Sugars at lv 57! Woot! I say he has caught up!!

(See, I quit playing Aerthson for a week to allow him to catch up so we could hit up Hellfire same time and kick it's ass.)

And I says to him, "How far to 58?" n he says " 30k away!" n I says "MOTHER()$#)ER"

See I left Aerth chilling at 1k into 57. I know Sugars is laughing at me now... this will never do.

Sugars, "I gotta run get some work done before I leave. Where are you at now?"

me, "GO TO HELL! I'm 30k in!"

Sugars, "LOL I'll wait for ya!"

me, " F(*K OFF!"

/log off Sugars

Ok, I have an 1 ½ hours I think...

/log on Sugars

Sugars, "Drive home sucked. All I gotta do is drop these two quests off and ding. Don't worry I'll wait on ya!"

Me, "You do this quest yet?"

Sugars, "eh?"

Me, "DING! MOTHERF(*CKER! In your face!!)

Sugars, " I knew that was going to happen!! F(*KING WORK!"

(This has all be dramatized but it happened pretty much like this!)

Friday, January 4, 2008

2 points to reduce Ghostwolf casting time?!

So I have been reading builds for my shammy while I wait for Sugars to hit 58 and we do Hellfire together. Hellfire is all he's getting too! lol

I try and play with my friends but getting on to play at the same time is often a problem. Once everyone hits lv70 it's fine tho. You on?! Ya! K, let's do such and such.

I am looking forward to going resto on the Druid. I wanna get him so nice resto gear and do intsances/Kara with him. The instances are much more interesting for me on a healer than on a tank. After tanking for 2 years... I need a break.


I haven't really been playing the last coupla days so he is lv22. However, I have managed to do every quest in Silverpine and have the mid/higher ones left in Barrens. I haven't touched Stonetalon or Ashenvale so getting to level 30 over weekend should be easy unless Sugars hit's 57 in which case I gotta switch to Aerth and hit 58 to make sure I am ready for Hellfire. When Shammy hits 30-31 I can use him solely to play with my wife and spend some time on Herk to get the rest of his gear.

Warrior/Druid/Shaman will do it for me. That's tank/PvP, Healer/PvP and DPS/PvP. I draw the line at any further alts. I do wish I had started a shaman earlier. If I had, I doubt that I would have a mage/hunter/pally that I will never play.

I wonder if I could get a friend interested in playing again by giving him the mage on a new acct. hmmmm

So those 2 points in Ghostwolf. PvE... not sure it's worth it. PvP to get away from that jackass 70 I see coming... priceless.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shaman Fast Tracked and The Dreaded Run through

I really dig the Shaman. Have axe will travel is definitely working for me. I am trying to catch my wife's hunter so that I can slow down and play with her on my shammy when she plays. That make sense to everyone? K.

I set myself up for a Wailing Caverns run through that Sugars the 54 Lock was happy enough to oblige me with. We are next to the last Druid of the Fang when things go to hell. I die from a mob stuck in the floor. I try and run back but sure enough there are pats and I die again. I tell Sugars he gotta come back to the start and he says "Dude, I am lost."

I can't blame him at all. He worked on New Year's Eve really really late to give his workers a holiday and was running on 3 hours of sleep. I'll bring Herk in tomorrow and clear the thing cept the bosses... I am going for twink gear for the shammy to fast track his leveling. I won't be running the instance over and over to get it but since I have to do it again anyways...

Which brings me to my next topic... The Runthrough...

When I am doing run throughs for peeps on Herk it's just silly easy. He usually 1-2 shots everything and just keeps going like a... well... like a warrior. Also, I play er fast, impatiently... wanna kill... wackety wack wack style. I slow down if I am tanking a high level instance but not by much. Noobed is under the impression he has seen me tank... Tanking in Arms spec is not seeing me tank. I still go too fast at times. A helpful "slow the F down" never hurts with me. It gets worse if I know I am playing with quality players.

When I have my wife healing me on her priest, it is balls to the wall. I know how much mana she needs for a pull of whichever size and I don't stop for a break unless she is at 100 mana. She likes to cuss at me about it but I know she loves it. You gotta get your priest adrenaline going sometimes!

Back to the runthrough...

Go fast... get the hell out... if you are lv 54 you dont skin for light leather!!! I will give you the light leather!!! or the G equivalent. But then again... that's why Sugars and the wife never go through the G I do either.

Side note... Dueled a pally... stomped him a new mudhole. SHAMMY ftw!