Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Monday oddity


I have to babysit for a few hours early Monday cuz my wife has to go to work. I wake up at 8am and the kiddo is still in happy dreamland. I decided to log on cuz there is fishing that needs doing and might as well since I have to log at 9 to get ready for work. Get fishing from 50-153 in an hour or so.


Get to work at 11am do to lunch. Now this sucks... I have to work until 7:30 for today to get my hours in. 7 roles around and I have to leave... can't stand the boredom.

On the way home, call Noobed to see about Arena tonight. No answer. Ah well, he probably on train home.

Get home, eat dinner with family, give kiddo his Hershey's and watch him open it. Seeing my son opening the candy bar is a true treat for me as it takes him a few minutes and he gets really intense about it until he gets the wrapper open and immediately bites into the bar.

Call Noob again to see about Arena... No answer. Wonders... Noob have a date? Noob eating dinner? Noob ignoring me? Prbly last one... ah well... he will log on.


See Sugars! Woot! Can you play? You hit 65?! Bastich!! Time to level.

Sugars and Aerthson are questing in Terrorkar when low and behold... a Mage and Pally Alliance asses jump us before we can jump them!!! /die

Side Note: Mages eat my Druid... either I have not figured out how to fight them or they the scissors to my paper.


Heal and mana up... rebuff... let's get some vengeance!!!

Find em farming XP with that whole Frost mage bit of grouping the entire forrest of mobs and Blizzarding them using the pally to keep the Mage alive. DO NOT do this after a gank 30 yards from said gank... its insulting!

Sugars and I go in... I spent most of the time healing myself while Sugars killed both of em. It was interesting to see how that cant outdamage my heals... did I mention the treants this time?

/w Aethson from Taz... Where's Noobed?
/w Taz... No clue, called him tho no answer. He'll log on in a bit prbly.

1 hour later

/w Aerthson from Taz... Should we do 2v2?
/w Taz... See if a shammy in guild wants to run with us. Also, you mind tanking for Ring of Blood?
/w Aerthson... Sure thing


Drventure this means you! Anyone on Lightninghoof... DO NOT accept this guy's help. He kept accepting ring quests early. After I tell him repeatedly to STOP accept and STOP attacking the ALLIANCE WHO ARE HELPING US!!! he starts the last one and after leaves the group saying guild needs him.


We decide to help the Alliance and BAM!!! Power is out at my house... no Arena at all this week. BIG BUMMER!

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