Thursday, January 17, 2008

Need PvP Arena Answers... or at least opinions

So BlueRageBar is at it again with renewed vigor. I have promised to grind honor for gear for Herk if they play more than 1-2 hours a week.

Here are my two scenarios... BTW we run MM hunter, Holy Pally and MS Herk.

First one,

We are in BEM map and after scanning everything with the arena frame bit, I choose the Lock pet to charge. ( As a warrior, I have to get the charge off PERIOD, even if I change to another target right after. I have to have that rage.) After killing the lock pet, I notice a rogue right next to me and stabbing Taz.

My thinking, rightly or wrongly was this... the rogue is on my healer and I can kill the rogue. The lock is also easily killed without his pet. I burst the rogue and drops him below 50%. Further thinking on this... Mabd should be helping me kill this Rogue stabbing our healer rather than worring about the lock summoning his pet back. If he is summoning his pet, he aint doing damage and we can always kill him again later. Warriors > Locks... I can kill the lock too.

Mabd's opinion was to kill the petless lock and let Taz take the rogue cuz a) Taz is wearing plate and b) Taz has a bubble.

I am not so sure this is the correct thinking. The rogue is definitely going to intterupt Taz's heals and with a Rogue that has MS on him and below 50%, Mabd shoulda switched targets and finished him off. Can he pop evasion? Sure... welcome to Overpower.

Added to the other team was a healer, Pally Mabd seems to remember. Point from my perspective is this...

This is what is going on

Dead Lock Pet
Rogue Stabs pally
Rogue gets Intercepted by Warrior
Rogue gets bursted by warrior
Lock summoning pet back
Hunter shooting lock
Rogue is at less than 50% and has MS up

Regardless of whether I chose the right target for my first burst... he should have switched instead of going off on his own.

A big problem with BlueRageBar is lack of working as a team. As a warrior, I can go after several classes and drop them... Locks, Rogues, Shamans... these are the easiest for me and from here it gets more difficult.


Second situation

Mabd is of the opinion that given an Ice Mage we should be on him first. After hearing his arguments for this I am tending to agree with him about it. BUT... I am having a hard time getting over hitting the ice mage first when they a) have that damn iceblock and b) have a healer. Can I make him "bubble" and get it out the way? Sure. Can his healer heal him back to full during the 10sec I have to wait for him to get back out? Sure can. If I intercept the healer to knock that heal off... I have to run back to the blinking mage and try and burst him again... add 3 times the frustration if said healer is a pally.

Arguments for and against the ice mage?

Thanks for any and all help!

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