Saturday, June 30, 2007

The dangers of ganking!

Say hello to Alphazen, this lv 43 gnome mage ganked us while we were playing a mean version of Steve Irwin with Crocodiles out in Swamp of Sorrows. This tool waits til we are almost dead and then hits us with all sorts of spells.

I calmly go back to my body and find him. I kill him 4 times in a row. This is what happens when you screw with someone calmly leveling.

When ganking... do so at your own peril.

Time for Talent Trees Lvs 10-20 and weapon choice

My thoughts on Talent Specs are really quite simple, I follow the simple moto of Arms is best for PvP and Fury is best for sustained PvE damage.

Now having said that, I have had success with both specs for both things. It is sometimes a question of what you like to play better. Sometimes it is a question of gear. You get the Epic 2H axe on a drop and you currently Fury dual wield... I am respeccing arms... thank you... You like my new Axe?

So, back to lvs 10-20. What I always choose, save for this last time since I wanted to try something different, is Cruelty all 5 points. +5% Crit is Huge. People went nuts for in raids for nice gear with + to Crit on it and here is why.

5% is 5 swings out of 100 is a Critical Strike. Crits are so nice at low levels that they will almost immediately kill the mob or will be very very close to it. Now there are normally more crits than just those 5 which are due to cruelty. Your Agility also gives you +crit, I am not sure exactly of the new mechanic but I think it is roughly 18-20 agil per 1% Crit... I need to check on that and will update laters.

It is my theorycraft that Fury is the best to level with. When you are grinding out mobs or doing quests sustained damage is best. However, we are playing on a PvP server and we must take that into account. On Herk, I went full Fury tree until I hit lv 30 and then I got the Whirlwind Axe and switched back to Arms.

Now, for the levels of 10-20, you will need a high DPS 2H. I like axes the best because the usually have the highest minimum Dmg. When you see weapon damage it reads like this
( 105-137 ) Axe and (94 -110) Sword. Swords are usually the faster weapon speed and will do less dmg per swing even if they swing more times. Axe swing between .20 to .40 slower depending but always give you another 10ish points of damage. Also, when 2H axes crit they crit HARD.

So to sum up lv 10-20

Tree of choice? Fury
Points in Tree? Cruelty 5/5
Unbridled Wrath 5/5

Weapon of Choice? 2h axe

Always remember WARRIORS ARE GEAR DEPENDANT! You should hit the AH when you are on even levels just to see if there is an upgrade. 2H axes can be upgraded every 3-4 levels.

More later folks

P.S. I typed this with my son on my lap... if I have forgotten anything or missed something... I blame the 1yr old!

Friday, June 29, 2007


So this is Herk. I will be adding his WoWarmory cap shortly. If you see him on Lightninghoof give him a wave.

Levels 7-10

If anyone noticed on the Levels 1-6 post, you only gain new skills on the even levels. So we will start at lv 8 here.

Level 8

Rank 1
10 Rage
5 yd rangeInstant
Requires Melee WeaponRequires Battle Stance, Berserker StanceMaims the enemy, causing 5 damage and slowing the enemy's movement by 40% for 15 sec.

Like BRK's Wingclip, this skill allows us to slow down those who would run from us... and aggro their friends. How many people here have died because that darn Murloc ran off into the entire town of Murlocs just because he was getting his butt handed to him? /Raise hand
Use this when the mob is roughly above 20% in health and you are set. He may run, but it won't be fast or far.

A slight recant

This ability supersedes Battleshout for PvP situations. If you are charging in after a toon and they are anything but another Warrior or a Paladin you Hamstring them. Only Warriors and Paladins play the stand up fight. I know, but what about Rogues? I hit Rogues with Rend so they can't stay stealthed then I hit them with Hamstring. I don't know about you, but when I get into a fight with a Rogue... they have this odd tendancy to jump around like a fool. Remember you only have to pivot with them to keep them from your back.

Heroic Strike
Rank 2
15 Rage
5 yd rangeNext melee
Requires Melee WeaponA strong attack that increases melee damage by 21 and causes a high amount of threat.

An upgrade!!! We now do 10 more points of damage for the same amount of rage!

Level 10

Welcome to your first Talent point and Defensive Stance!

Defensive Stance
1 sec cooldown
A defensive combat stance. Decreases damage taken by 10% and damage caused by 10%. Increases threat generated.

This is where the tank part of being a warrior comes into play. Not only do you have more armor than most, you can also keep a mobs attention better than most. ( I will not get into the debate of who is a better tank i.e. Pally, Warr, or Druid. This blog is about warriors only.)
For leveing and grinding, I really do not go into Defensive Stance. I understand there are some people that have leveled Protection tree, but I hear that they were uinder the influence of strong mushrooms.

Rank 2
10 Rage
5 yd rangeInstant
Requires Melee WeaponRequires Battle Stance, Defensive StanceWounds the target causing them to bleed for 28 damage plus an additional [0.02972 * ((MWB + mwb) / 2 + AP / 14 * MWS)] (based on weapon damage) over 12 sec.

Upgrade again!!! More Damage

Sunder Armor
Rank 1
15 Rage
5 yd rangeInstant
Requires Melee WeaponSunders the target's armor, reducing it by 90 per Sunder Armor and causes a high amount of threat. Can be applied up to 5 times. Lasts 30 sec.

This skill is the tanks Bread and Butter so to speak. When you are tanking and you hit a mob you hit it with Sunders until you get to 5. Period. You can then hit it with Heroic Strike at this level or Revenge when you get higher up.

Taunt5 yd range
10 sec cooldown
Requires Defensive Stance: Taunts the target to attack you, but has no effect if the target is already attacking you

This skill is used when you LOSE aggro. You hit a mob first then you are at the top of it's aggro list. When the Rogue behind it hits it for 500crit and the mob turns... you either let it hit the rogue or taunt it off. It's really your choice. What you don't do is run up to something and taunt it.

Talent Point

Which Tree?! Ok, it has been pointed out that not everyone respecs the way I did as not everyone went double gatherer. The best way to go with minimal respec is Cruelty in the Fury tree. Fill it up too. So now you know what to do with the first 5 points.

Thanks to "For the Pie" and Ragnar for pointing out that Cruelty first is the better spec for the less than willing to part with the gold.

Talent Points post is up next.

See ya then

Stats for Warriors!

Between levels 1-10 you may or may not have money to pilfer the AH for Greens with actual stat enhancements on them. If you do, then here is what you want for Warriors.

Strength and Stamina are the most important stats for every warrior with Agility 2nd, Spirit is a very distant 3rd and Intelligence is... what the heck is that again?! Intelligence will gain you weapon skill points faster and that is it! Blizzard helps you out with what your intelligence level actually is when they give you your second quest. The 2nd quest is always go find your class trainer. Notice if you will, Warriors are given a "Simple parchment" as opposed to "An Inscribed Rune."

Str = More Damage
Sta = More Hit Points
Agi = More crit and more armor
Spi = Better Hit Point regeneration
Int = Faster Weapon skill checks

To help you out a little further, whatever you see "of the Bear" is a solid choice. Bear stuff comes with +Str and +Sta. Next, we have "of the Tiger" which comes with +Str and +Agi. There are sneak items as well such as "Slayer's Pauldrons" that can have good stats too.

To sum up... say it with me now!

Strength and Stamina! Because no one care how much mana you have...

Levels 1-6

Taurens begin there adventures in Mulgore. You wake up in small village and must prove yourself. How? you ask. By killing lots and lots a of stuff.

I have gotten lv 1-10 down to 3 hours by questing/grinding. Yes, this can be done faster and No we don't care to do it any fast.

From levels 1-10 you have no talents so we don't have to worry about them yet.

Skills, however, can be bought and trained so we will look at those.

Level 1

Battle Shout
Rank 1
10 Rage / Instant
The warrior shouts, increasing the melee attack power of all party members within 20 yards by 15. Lasts 2 min.

Love the Battleshout! Extra DPS. Battleshout is always on. Period.

Heroic Strike
Rank 1
15 Rage
5 yd rangeNext melee
Requires Melee WeaponA strong attack that increases melee damage by 11 and causes a high amount of threat.

Heroic Strike is very nice indeed. At low levels, Heroic Strick is your only source of relevant extra damage.

Level 4

Rank 18-25 yd range
15 sec cooldown
Requires Battle StanceCharge an enemy, generate 9 rage, and stun it for 1 sec. Cannot be used in combat.

I swear it seems like forever til I get Charge. This is your best friend for life. Except in instances. If you have a problem with charging like we do then just take it off your action bar when you enter an instance. This avoids defiling BRK's maxim of let Hunters pull.

Also, after you have tagged the first mob with 1pt of white damage you have enough Rage to tap Battleshout. Battleshout is first folks!!!! Not Heroic Strike.

Rank 1
10 Rage
5 yd rangeInstant
Requires Melee WeaponRequires Battle Stance, Defensive StanceWounds the target causing them to bleed for 15 damage plus an additional [0.02229 * ((MWB + mwb) / 2 + AP / 14 * MWS)] (based on weapon damage) over 9 sec.

Our new favorite friend! So, our sequence of attack now becomes... Charge, Battleshout (this gives more Rage do to more Dmg peoples), Rend, Heroic Strike as Rage permits.

Level 6

Thunder Clap
Rank 1
20 Rage
4 sec cooldown
Requires Battle Stance, Defensive StanceBlasts nearby enemies increasing the time between their attacks by 10% for 10 sec and doing 10 damage to them. This ability causes additonal threat and will affect up to 4 targets.

Thunderclap is a little sketchy for some people. I will eventually get around to doing the math on vs Dmg taken at a slower rate to Dmg given through Heroic Strike but I can not do that at work.

So our sequence looks like this at lv6.

Charge, Battleshout, Rend, Thunderclap, Heroic Strike


Charge, Battleshout, Rend, Heroic Strike, Heroic Strike

I would use the former for mobs 2 levels higher than me or for multiple mobs. If you are fighting something your level or under 1v1 then use the latter.

See you in a few with Lv 7-10.

Which race?!

Here are some thoughts and specs.

Let's start with the Orcs

-Axe Specialization: Axe/2H Axe skill +5
-Command: Warlock/Hunter Pet Melee Damage +5%
- Hardiness: +25% Stun/Knockout Effect Resist
- Blood Fury: Strength +25%, Health -5% Every 3 seconds for 20 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.

Wow!!! Look at those. Bar none for DPS warriors Orc is the best. For PvP they might be the best as well.

- Cultivation: Herbalism +15
- Endurace: Total HP +5%
- Nature Resist +10
- War Stomp: Stun 5 targets around you for 2 seconds, 2 minute cooldown

Here comes the tank! Tanking is the Tauren's rasoin d'etre. I think the Herb and NR were thrown in do to the Druid bit... or maybe they ran out of ideas? Who knows?

- Cannibalize: Increase Health Regeneration by 100% for 20 seconds when 'eating' a Humanoid or Undead body only, 2 minute cooldown
- Shadow Resist +10
- Your breath underwater lasts 3 times longer
- Will of the Forsaken: Immunity to Sleep, Charm, Fear for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown

Some solid talents here. WotF being the best. Cannibalize is nice for the bandage impaired. Breath and SR?! Not really great for a warrior. I guess if you were into hiding in the lakes because were are on a PvP server then go for Undead!

- Beast Slaying: +5% Damage vs. Beasts
- Berserking: Increase Attack/Cast speed by 25% when wounded. Must be under 20% health to use.
- Regeneration: +10%HP Regen, 10% of HP regen works in combat
-Throwing Specialization: Throwing Skill +5

Poor trolls got the shaft when it comes to rolling a warrior. You ask again, "You are going to play a Troll Warrior?" Yes, I will... eventually... probably last too.

I have listed the races in what I believe to be the best top to bottom. I chose Orc first and Tauren second. I have been playing my Tauren more because he is HUGE and when the weapon scaling they look even cooler.

Also, I believe Taurens to be the better choice for PvP servers and I will tell you why... next post.

Big Red Kitty

Thanks to Big Red Kitty for his whole hearted endorsement. We have been friends with BRK for awile now and no one that I know of knows more about Hunters than him.


Did he ever tell anyone about his warrior alt?! It may have been a moment of weakness sure, but he did have one. Your secret is out BRK.

He even admitted we out DPS'd him. I used to out DPS him but my gear was from AQ40 and he had his rare PvP set. Not quit fair was it? I think I did manage to out DPS him in outland during a Ramparts run after the patch that gave warriors there Rage back.

Side note: BRK was there with me when we ran UBRS after the Rage nerf... I was still in my AQ40 gear and he had just switched to BM. He out DPS'd the crap out of us! Hobbes let me cry on him tho.

If anyone does not know who BRK is, you should!

Bigredkitty also contributes a column to WoWinsider. He gets flamed wonderfully. Hopefully some of those flamers will come over here and flame me.

My mission

So there is my warrior, a Tauren. I know I know, but you are on a PvP server!!! Well, this guy is only my first. I plan on playing all Horde races as warriors and giving my thoughts on the class as well as the races. Now, I am sure this has been done before and, quite frankly, done better than I am able to do. However, this doesn't stop me from wanting to share the stories and feedback I will get from writing here on the blog.

To give my credentials, such as they are, I offer the following information. I have played warriors since launch. I played a Dwarf warrior named Markel on the Malygos server. Yes, I know Malygos is a PvE, but please let that slide as I was new and a noob. I went from 0-60 and through aq40 on Malygos learning how to play a warrior.
I had a lot of help on the way up too. I would be remiss if I did not name those who helped me most. Thanks to Socc, who taught me how to tank, Demndred who let me off tank a time or two, and Hamsandwich, who taught me how to DPS my little Dwarf heart out. After leaving Malygos to play with friends on a new server, I had the joy of becoming a father which led to some WoW downtime.

I started playing again a month ago and realized very quickly that I do not like playing anything but warriors. I started over on an RPPVP server named Lightninghoof and made my Tauren named Herk. I was really excited about challenging myself in an open PvP enviroment. I had played PvP on Malygos, but it wasn't the same. Dueling and playing in BG's is not the same as playing on a PvP server. I know this by the looks that are given when asked what kind of server I play on.

Random guy "Ok, so you play WoW."
Kelly "Yup"
Random guy "What kind of server."
Kelly "PvE"
Random guy "Ok, next."
Kelly "Wait! I've killed C'thun!"
Random guy "You're still here?"
So off to the PvP server I went.