Friday, June 29, 2007

Levels 1-6

Taurens begin there adventures in Mulgore. You wake up in small village and must prove yourself. How? you ask. By killing lots and lots a of stuff.

I have gotten lv 1-10 down to 3 hours by questing/grinding. Yes, this can be done faster and No we don't care to do it any fast.

From levels 1-10 you have no talents so we don't have to worry about them yet.

Skills, however, can be bought and trained so we will look at those.

Level 1

Battle Shout
Rank 1
10 Rage / Instant
The warrior shouts, increasing the melee attack power of all party members within 20 yards by 15. Lasts 2 min.

Love the Battleshout! Extra DPS. Battleshout is always on. Period.

Heroic Strike
Rank 1
15 Rage
5 yd rangeNext melee
Requires Melee WeaponA strong attack that increases melee damage by 11 and causes a high amount of threat.

Heroic Strike is very nice indeed. At low levels, Heroic Strick is your only source of relevant extra damage.

Level 4

Rank 18-25 yd range
15 sec cooldown
Requires Battle StanceCharge an enemy, generate 9 rage, and stun it for 1 sec. Cannot be used in combat.

I swear it seems like forever til I get Charge. This is your best friend for life. Except in instances. If you have a problem with charging like we do then just take it off your action bar when you enter an instance. This avoids defiling BRK's maxim of let Hunters pull.

Also, after you have tagged the first mob with 1pt of white damage you have enough Rage to tap Battleshout. Battleshout is first folks!!!! Not Heroic Strike.

Rank 1
10 Rage
5 yd rangeInstant
Requires Melee WeaponRequires Battle Stance, Defensive StanceWounds the target causing them to bleed for 15 damage plus an additional [0.02229 * ((MWB + mwb) / 2 + AP / 14 * MWS)] (based on weapon damage) over 9 sec.

Our new favorite friend! So, our sequence of attack now becomes... Charge, Battleshout (this gives more Rage do to more Dmg peoples), Rend, Heroic Strike as Rage permits.

Level 6

Thunder Clap
Rank 1
20 Rage
4 sec cooldown
Requires Battle Stance, Defensive StanceBlasts nearby enemies increasing the time between their attacks by 10% for 10 sec and doing 10 damage to them. This ability causes additonal threat and will affect up to 4 targets.

Thunderclap is a little sketchy for some people. I will eventually get around to doing the math on vs Dmg taken at a slower rate to Dmg given through Heroic Strike but I can not do that at work.

So our sequence looks like this at lv6.

Charge, Battleshout, Rend, Thunderclap, Heroic Strike


Charge, Battleshout, Rend, Heroic Strike, Heroic Strike

I would use the former for mobs 2 levels higher than me or for multiple mobs. If you are fighting something your level or under 1v1 then use the latter.

See you in a few with Lv 7-10.

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