Friday, June 29, 2007

Stats for Warriors!

Between levels 1-10 you may or may not have money to pilfer the AH for Greens with actual stat enhancements on them. If you do, then here is what you want for Warriors.

Strength and Stamina are the most important stats for every warrior with Agility 2nd, Spirit is a very distant 3rd and Intelligence is... what the heck is that again?! Intelligence will gain you weapon skill points faster and that is it! Blizzard helps you out with what your intelligence level actually is when they give you your second quest. The 2nd quest is always go find your class trainer. Notice if you will, Warriors are given a "Simple parchment" as opposed to "An Inscribed Rune."

Str = More Damage
Sta = More Hit Points
Agi = More crit and more armor
Spi = Better Hit Point regeneration
Int = Faster Weapon skill checks

To help you out a little further, whatever you see "of the Bear" is a solid choice. Bear stuff comes with +Str and +Sta. Next, we have "of the Tiger" which comes with +Str and +Agi. There are sneak items as well such as "Slayer's Pauldrons" that can have good stats too.

To sum up... say it with me now!

Strength and Stamina! Because no one care how much mana you have...

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