Friday, September 28, 2007


This is quite possibly the best beer ever for me. I am not really sure about that yet considering I only had one last night... but I drank that thing so fast... wowza!

I am so confused by Renoobed some times... He is having problems in Kara with his guild and this from the guy who said he would not be caught dead doing an instance with me. Karma? maybe...

Playing Herk again! It seems like the only way I can play and get somewhere with it is to play solo these days. My guild with Kelmar is great! but it seems family life just keeps on steam rolling over any instance I try and do.

Herk will be alive and well this weekend. I am 3/4 to 65 and after that... I am thinking of leveling either the mage or my hunter on the PvP server.

*Edit Renoobed gets the props for introducing me to the above beer!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What do you mean you don't eat the dough?!

My little guy making cookies with grandma.

Hip and I didn't do too much last night. We did a Sethekk Halls run for her to get her some XP. It was fun but aggravating. I was either sheeped or feared entirely too much for my liking.

TJ apparently want bagels last night when I logged on... she even threatened to become the guild "hump slut" unless she got them... I ask you... what kind of threat is that!? lol

I go to tell Hip about it ... she knows already! TJ and Hipnatizd have some kind of /w relationship that I don't know about. I do know they like to call me the Douche... sigh

Tonight BRK, Ironbelly and Kelmar are hitting up Black Morass for the Karazhan Key which should be great fun.

Funny story about my son

Place: Barnes and Nobles

Me "Yanno, you should share that Caramel Frapp!"

Son "Sut it Daaa dee!"

Me "Quit pulling the straw out!"

Son leans over while I am putting the straw back in and begins taking books off of the shelf.

Me "No, no, no!:

Son "No, no, no..."

Hipnatizd (Grins)

Me "Ass!"

Son "Ass!"

Hipnatizd (Spits Coffee on floor)

Me (Burst of Laughter)

Son (Grins mischeviously)

oof! He is ours!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two Dwarves and an Elf

Biggest reason for playing the game is right here.

This is a pic of my wife's and best friend's toons! We have a Warrior, Pally, and a Priest. We are truly nasty when questing together.

Let's see...

I respecced to Protection on Kelmar since it looks like my dreams of a 2v2 team went to hell. I tanked Shattered Halls (regular) with Ironbelly (Paladin) healing and with a rogue, mage, and hunter. I decided to go Prot for the run because that is quite a hefty amount of DPS. Well, I get some smack about them pully aggro and to be honest... it's been a looooong time since I was pure Tank and was a little worried. No, I did not pick Devastate... just not worth it for 5mans imo.

Nothing dropped that anyone could really use and we wiped 2-3 times on some rough pull/add combos but overall I was pleased with the run.

The best thing was about half way through when I get the mage telling me I can tank for him anytime. This was followed by the Hunter telling me he couldn't pull aggro if he tried. I was really please with this. So... I decided to stay Tank with Kelmar for the time being. I will do Black Morass to get my Kara key on Tues. After that I may sign up for a run or two.

I know how to tank.

Time to prove it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Epic mount grind, housesitting, and TJ's throat

So, long time no post.

I have been grinding my epic flying mount on Kelmar. I have been playing Kel again because my wife decided to play her priest a good bit and she is super fun to play with even if kinda lazy with the DPS.

See, if I go to help her quest real quick she runs up and hits the mob with her staff! Melee priest ftw! I say to her... Why aren't you dotting this thing?

She says, "You kill it too fast so what's the point?"

I say, "To kill it faster!"

I swear ... healers... pfft

She's a SHADOW PRIEST! It should be her thing to melt faces!

Now, I am not sure when this happened but TJ and the wife have ganged up on me and I am now called a "douche!"

Why you ask? Because I suggested to the wife that since Kelmar was no longer a herbalist we could not tag team her alchemy skill. I thought she would be better off leveling enchanting which is easy on the tailors. See the kind of abuse I get!

So Hipnatizd and I went over to my parents house to housesit for a week. I brought both computers and set them up on my parents uber long kitchen table... much more fun to play right across from her. She thought so too but for the reason of "It's easier to slap you from here!"


So TJ asked on her blog " Why do people get teased?"

Now I have no screenshots but the following happened.

Something having to do with TJ and earworms... Doom and BRK both were teasing her this time.

This line pops up

"I need my throat! I have a date this week!"

TJ... here's your answer... Lines like this get you teased!

Got the EPIC btw with some Gold help from Ironbelly, I will be paying him back shortly :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

BRK and Burned Mana

So I went with BRK, DtCoE, and the Positive Warrior into Arcatraz for my last key fragment last night. We also had a nice mage called Pezdespenser with us. We destroyed the place quickly minus the afk's for baby aggro. You do not know how nice it is to play with other people who have children! There's no pissyness when one has to spontaneously afk.

Yesterday I posted a shot of the dmg meters... Yes, I knew what I was doing. BRK came back in Arcatraz and smoked me... I do have a screen shot but will have to post it when I get home. After almost every fight I heard him saying... Need mana! and I knew it was coming lol.

I can not tell you how happy I am to be playing again with good friends and good players.

BRK had a question about my DPS gear. If you notice my armory, I have real good AQ40 gear that has not been replaced and I have some green gear with tons of str and crit which I got from questing in Outlands. God's honest truth is... I have not been playing Kelmar but Herk. Also, I haven't had the time to do the "gear lookup" for stuff that I can get easily that is better.

It goes like this, I have to ask permission to do any instance unless it is uber late and the kiddo is asleep. I can get permission if I a) promise it will be short or b) she is just being really nice. Also, I have to be careful I do NOT get caught up in this game like I did last time. I was never anywhere near Nihilium in raid rankings and status but the old guild on Malygos did some nifty things. I was geared in Wrath before AQ40 was even thought about. Raiding like this takes dedication. I throw that kind of dedication to my family now. Which isn't to say I don't play or that I don't want to play but I have to keep things in perpspective and not leave the kiddo and wife to be wow widows and only children.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My DPS credentials such as they are...

So BRK and company let me tag along on a Steamvault run. I got my second fragment for Kara but no happy Bold gear dropped for the dorf.

We had a fun Dmg meter after the run. I am just over 5% short of BRK's total dmg including Hobbes.

How well do I stack up against what you think a warrior can do? Do I just suck? Any hints on how to get better? This is Arms spec btw not Fury.