Thursday, September 6, 2007

BRK and Burned Mana

So I went with BRK, DtCoE, and the Positive Warrior into Arcatraz for my last key fragment last night. We also had a nice mage called Pezdespenser with us. We destroyed the place quickly minus the afk's for baby aggro. You do not know how nice it is to play with other people who have children! There's no pissyness when one has to spontaneously afk.

Yesterday I posted a shot of the dmg meters... Yes, I knew what I was doing. BRK came back in Arcatraz and smoked me... I do have a screen shot but will have to post it when I get home. After almost every fight I heard him saying... Need mana! and I knew it was coming lol.

I can not tell you how happy I am to be playing again with good friends and good players.

BRK had a question about my DPS gear. If you notice my armory, I have real good AQ40 gear that has not been replaced and I have some green gear with tons of str and crit which I got from questing in Outlands. God's honest truth is... I have not been playing Kelmar but Herk. Also, I haven't had the time to do the "gear lookup" for stuff that I can get easily that is better.

It goes like this, I have to ask permission to do any instance unless it is uber late and the kiddo is asleep. I can get permission if I a) promise it will be short or b) she is just being really nice. Also, I have to be careful I do NOT get caught up in this game like I did last time. I was never anywhere near Nihilium in raid rankings and status but the old guild on Malygos did some nifty things. I was geared in Wrath before AQ40 was even thought about. Raiding like this takes dedication. I throw that kind of dedication to my family now. Which isn't to say I don't play or that I don't want to play but I have to keep things in perpspective and not leave the kiddo and wife to be wow widows and only children.

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