Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Epic mount grind, housesitting, and TJ's throat

So, long time no post.

I have been grinding my epic flying mount on Kelmar. I have been playing Kel again because my wife decided to play her priest a good bit and she is super fun to play with even if kinda lazy with the DPS.

See, if I go to help her quest real quick she runs up and hits the mob with her staff! Melee priest ftw! I say to her... Why aren't you dotting this thing?

She says, "You kill it too fast so what's the point?"

I say, "To kill it faster!"

I swear ... healers... pfft

She's a SHADOW PRIEST! It should be her thing to melt faces!

Now, I am not sure when this happened but TJ and the wife have ganged up on me and I am now called a "douche!"

Why you ask? Because I suggested to the wife that since Kelmar was no longer a herbalist we could not tag team her alchemy skill. I thought she would be better off leveling enchanting which is easy on the tailors. See the kind of abuse I get!

So Hipnatizd and I went over to my parents house to housesit for a week. I brought both computers and set them up on my parents uber long kitchen table... much more fun to play right across from her. She thought so too but for the reason of "It's easier to slap you from here!"


So TJ asked on her blog " Why do people get teased?"

Now I have no screenshots but the following happened.

Something having to do with TJ and earworms... Doom and BRK both were teasing her this time.

This line pops up

"I need my throat! I have a date this week!"

TJ... here's your answer... Lines like this get you teased!

Got the EPIC btw with some Gold help from Ironbelly, I will be paying him back shortly :)

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