Friday, September 28, 2007


This is quite possibly the best beer ever for me. I am not really sure about that yet considering I only had one last night... but I drank that thing so fast... wowza!

I am so confused by Renoobed some times... He is having problems in Kara with his guild and this from the guy who said he would not be caught dead doing an instance with me. Karma? maybe...

Playing Herk again! It seems like the only way I can play and get somewhere with it is to play solo these days. My guild with Kelmar is great! but it seems family life just keeps on steam rolling over any instance I try and do.

Herk will be alive and well this weekend. I am 3/4 to 65 and after that... I am thinking of leveling either the mage or my hunter on the PvP server.

*Edit Renoobed gets the props for introducing me to the above beer!

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