Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What do you mean you don't eat the dough?!

My little guy making cookies with grandma.

Hip and I didn't do too much last night. We did a Sethekk Halls run for her to get her some XP. It was fun but aggravating. I was either sheeped or feared entirely too much for my liking.

TJ apparently want bagels last night when I logged on... she even threatened to become the guild "hump slut" unless she got them... I ask you... what kind of threat is that!? lol

I go to tell Hip about it ... she knows already! TJ and Hipnatizd have some kind of /w relationship that I don't know about. I do know they like to call me the Douche... sigh

Tonight BRK, Ironbelly and Kelmar are hitting up Black Morass for the Karazhan Key which should be great fun.

Funny story about my son

Place: Barnes and Nobles

Me "Yanno, you should share that Caramel Frapp!"

Son "Sut it Daaa dee!"

Me "Quit pulling the straw out!"

Son leans over while I am putting the straw back in and begins taking books off of the shelf.

Me "No, no, no!:

Son "No, no, no..."

Hipnatizd (Grins)

Me "Ass!"

Son "Ass!"

Hipnatizd (Spits Coffee on floor)

Me (Burst of Laughter)

Son (Grins mischeviously)

oof! He is ours!

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