Wednesday, October 31, 2007

1 more Primal Might

That's it... then Lunar Crescent is all mine!

Get me some s1 gear... some more happy items... and I can play arena fulltime and finally save up some G...

BIG THANKS to Renoobed who has helpe me with both Mats and G. Will pay you back :)

Next up!

Leveling the Druid and the mage. I would like to see how the other half lives :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

8 Primal Airs/ 2 Primal Mights/ Aether Rays

Well then,

I am sure most of us do Wrangle More Aether Rays for G. If you play on a PvP server, you are always slightly paranoid when you do the dialys... unless you are flying... but even then, you know if you get hit off that bird and land with less than 1/2 life in front of some asshat it ain't gonna be pretty.

Otoh, there is at times, the you are over there/I am over here neutrality.

What about the pull the mob before you can hit it asshat? Yanno, the ones with spells or a bow and range from here to eternity!

There I am about to get my 2nd ray when BOOM! wth?! Druid?! There goes my ray... grrr... I look over thinking, no ally is dumb enough to do that on a PvP server... must be an asshat Horde.

BUT NO... it was a NELF!

So I meander over... walk up to him... /pat him... wait a tic... he is wrangling... I execute that FLIPPIN RAY!

/mount flying mount... ride off with a cheesed off Druid crow after me... I laughed... and then... I laughed some more.

I farmed Primal Airs for Lunar Crescent last night... I am getting closer... prbly have the axe by Fri or Sat tops.

Monday, October 29, 2007

AV holiday, Arena, and 350BS!

So then,

I kinda got screwed this weekend on getting in my AV easy honor. I will end up with 17k so I can get some new boots. I need those boots as I am wearing ones that are from lv60. Ya... I know. Think about this tho... What do the people think in Arena when Mabd and I beat them and they look up my poorly geared butt on Armory?

We played arena this weekend. We keep making some mistakes. I made another line of sight mistake.

Note: Even if you are ON TOP of the tomb in Arena, those shitty little columns will block a hunter. Who knew?!


After I got over that HUGE/little Mithril hump, I went from 275-350 in no time thanks to some Mabd help and the nice reserve I had.

I get to 350 and realize I have not done the weaponsmith quest... (*$# mE! ./sigh

Get that done and I am starting on mats for Lunar Crescent. I am just going to farm the G for the Primal Mights ... cuz... I am NOT fighting that many elementals. The Primal Airs are gonna be nasty tho. Other than that, I have the mats.

AV Warrior style,

During AV, I noticed I tend to do 2 things more than anything else. I Charge/Hamstring and kill stuff or I tank bosses. While killing is fun... I never realized how deadly I was with a dedicated healer til one game when a Shaman /w me and said "I got your back, go bonkers. :D" Well, I did. I racked up 115 HKs and he had most healing done. Anything not in plate fell like panties on prom night.

Tanking is easy peasy in AV. A word of caution tho... if there isn't a healer why did you rush in to tank?! I only did that once btw.

This week the focus will be in getting Lunar Crescent!

Friday, October 26, 2007

More *#&$($ Solid Stone :(

Seriously, in between BGs and the daily... I made another 12 Mithril Spurs... NO *#$%ing check. I am stuck 274!!!!!

BGs went great... Noctumbulant really does own any premade... WSG, AB and AV last night... all wins... all fast... They even let me kill stuff.

I am writing a good post this weekend.

A Warrior's place in BGs.

But that's after I get past the 274 mark... I mean I have 350 Thorium just asking for it and I can NOT get there.


This weekend is Arena time with Renoobed. Might have to make some blogs about our goof ups and strategies.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Terrorkar time and that )*(#&$)( Solid Grinding Stone

So then...

I admit Renoobed's opinion on buying the mats for BS to be accurate. It is faster and easier to get the mats by questing for gold.

Having said that, I am a broke monkey. I am stuck at that hateful point between 270-275 BS when you are making Mithril Spurs and all you pray for is a check! I got myself down to 4g yesterday just buying the Solid Stone... I have tons of Thorium I can't use til I get this last ()#$) check. Sigh

I paid back some help Mabd gave me in Terrorkar and went to do all the group quests with Majeure. Quite uneventful... except...


Bird egg group quest

Herk rolls up on Kodo.

Maj "Don't kill the mage he's ok."

Herk "..."

Start fighting leet bird. Along comes 70 Shadow priest... NELF one... he Shadowmelds.

Herk "Trouble"

NELF waits to 30% and fears all both of us... I zerk out of it and quickly kill bird while getting dotted up.

Member that cool mage Majeure was so fond of? You betcha... spells are flying... 67 Pally shows up... I am at low health and pissed off... I chase em to their base... you see I really CAN NOT help trying to kill them when they do this even tho I usually end up dead myself.

Renoobed lets me go most of the time... he understands the personalities the warrior class usually attracts.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sooo level 70 on the PvP and beyond...

Herk hit 70 awhile back. Herk had some guild problems and joined a new one. The new one is interested in only PvP... this is a good thing. They have tons of premades that win.

Bad thing?

They have no interest in helping new people. Now I can understand not helping a noob get there Tier sets... I can not understand not helping someone for 2-3 days to get Ogri'la attuned.

Also, someone turned a class leader from helping with HH because they had been ninja'd. Really people... if the ninja was not even in your guild?! What is the point in being paranoid about someone you play daily with... who wants to help?! Crazy guild! Did I mention the great premades tho?

Renoobed and I are doing 2v2 with Hunter/Warrior. We do ok. The biggest thing I noticed about us, we can not play worth a crap after 2am...

Mabd "Dude, don't go outta los around the tomb cuz I can't get a shot off."

Herk "That makes sense! Sorry about that won't happen again."


Herk "Ok, that was the last one for me."

Mabd "k"

Herk "Why did we lose to a shammy/hunter?"

Mabd "..."

Herk "O crap... did I play ring around the column with them?! I did! I shoulda gone out in the middle cuz of los!"

Mabd "..."

Herl "Sorry guy :( "

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I want my BRKtv.. or at least a Cameo!

Think I got some burn out last night. I was trying to hit 69 on Herk when at 10pm I just called it a night and went to watch Ghosthunters with the Hip. That show seems silly til you watch it a bit and then start wanting them to find something. You almost "will" them to find something. I think this happens from a sub-concious desire to know if there is anything else after we die. Personally, I think there is. However, it has yet to be confirmed by me and I am ok with that!

Connor man has the snuffles too. I took yesterday off to bring him to the doctor. Before leaving the doctor's office, I made damn sure to get an excuse from them because my job is like that. It used to not be but ever since the "new" guy is running the show... sigh

I didn't get to see Hip much yesterday because she had to work a good bit. When she got home it seemed she was just completely worn out from everything.

I haven't been playing the Dwarf much since I have been leveling Herk. I do have a really nice post incoming tho... Dwark tank Vs Tauren tank. Already it seems as if the Tauren has pulled way ahead tho. When Herk was 67-68 I could get his HP over 12k with just food and Com Shout.
Also, Wartsomp > Stoneform.

Then after that... the dreaded... "tank post" for which I will take the flaming of a life probably but oh well.

I WANT A BRK video CAMEO!!! I demand it since he is the one who made me blog. We will see Kelmar run across the screen on his next video :P

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Looking for Guild

It's that time again. I have applied to join Renoobed in his guild. Army of Eternity. I had to fill out an app on their website. Personally, I don't think this a bad idea at all. Now, I am waiting to see what happens.

Tanking means you don't take damage! errr Say what?!

Ramparts run.

Alright I know... I was 67... there was a 70 warr (Prot), 2 Pallys (Ret) and a Hunter (For BRK's sake I hope he was BM).

I was tagged to help them run Ramparts and since I still need XP I was only too happy to go. Since there were 2 healers and a 70 warrior, I immediately thought DPS time WOOT! I told everyone in the group I was going to town on DPS and to keep me healed and I would smoke the instance.

BRK has seen me DPS an instance with Arms spec and he agrees that I pull entirely too much aggro on myself. BUT! There were 2 healers and I did not die once. Grats Pallys :)

The other Warrior was a bit odd. He decided to go 2H DPS with me... but he was Prot specced?! I had no idea. The warrior seemed new to the game to me. He made several misjudgements and wiped the party at the end by not turning the dragon around for the breath attack and wiped the healers. Also, the healers begged him to take some aggro off of me (Sorry about that Pallys) and he wouldn't do it. He just kept "DPSing" such as it was.

We got into a sticky jam when pulling the 5 group of locks that can also pull the hunter party. We did get all 8 of them. I got aggro on all of them with Chall shout and pulled them all back out of range of any other mobs and feared them and killed 2 of the casters, then I hit warstomp and killed the 2 dogs, then killed the other 2 casters... Now while I am doing all this... ONE would expect the other warrior to follow my lead and FEAR too. Erm no... not so much. We didn't wipe tho.

After running the instance, I look up said warrior on Armory and realize this guy needs help. He is level 70, prot spec and has ... 9200 hp. WTF?!

I go to the warrior "above" me on the totem and say... this warrior needs some help with tanking and gear. I would suggest nudging him to . The guy tells me out of the blue "When tanking, always pull with a bow and use sunder to generate aggro." Confused... I ask "Was that for me?" He says it was. I ask "You know Shield Slam gets more aggro right?" I think I was at my personal limit here. I am trying to help someone else and get a lecture on incorrect tanking? er NO.

I logged

Monday, October 8, 2007

70 gankers... Nagrand was rough and amusing


Honestly, on a pvp server, it happens. You do it, they do it and everyone has justifications for it. Personally, I will gank for several reasons.

#1 You look like Alliance!

#2 It would be a challenge

#3 I have been ganked too much today and someone has to die!

#4 Someone from your guild has ganked me before! Now YOU have to die.

See how many justifications you can come up with!

These are 2 of my "I am lv 70 and I can gank you!" people. I was farming in Nagrand when I got hit up with these guys. I killed the Druid and a Windroc >.<>.<>

The second one is a Rogue with an annoying macro that "shoo"s you. I have to give him points tho... it aggravated. Wonder if he realized I was aggravated when his lv 70 butt was on that cold cave floor and he was corpse running?

Also, I got tagged by a lv 70 Ice mage... you know how that one ended and I am NOT posting that shot lol.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Great Top Ten list from Relmstein

Check out this guys blog!

Great info and great funnnies.

1) Members of the opposing faction are more friendly when they are soloing.*Its amazing how quick the /wave emote will be thrown around when your enemies know its a 1 on 1 fight.

2) To automatically summon a member of the opposing faction simply be below 50% health and engage two mobs by accident.*Guaranteed to work every time.

3) All level 70 rogues and hunters you meet in the old world will attack you.*The amount of level 70 hunters and rogues messing around in the old world is simply astounding and they could probably fill up 15 Alterac Valley queues. However, since they only know how to farm and gank level 40s it would make for some pretty boring games.

4) Warlocks and Rogues tend to always attack you no matter the level difference.*Warlocks mostly do this because being feared while in an area with lots of mobs guarantees you get aggro and die. Rogues are just demented and will follow you around stealthed until .... well you read guideline number 2.

5) Paladins, Rogues, and Druids were the only classes that tried to run after a fight went bad for them.*(Sprint + Stealth) = (Bubble + Hearth) = LAME.

6) Mages and Hunters like high places. Don't grind next to walls or buildings with accessible roofs.*Just like in the horror movies, death comes from above.

7) Warriors who are leveling are probably the least aggressive class in the game.*I only ever got attacked by warriors who were lvl 70 with mortal strike epic weapons or in a group.

8) Blood elf paladins are a lot more likely to attack a member of the opposing faction then alliance paladins.*I am not sure but I think this might be related to their racial abilities which seem pvp oriented. Or it simply could be that there are more people leveling blood elf paladins then alliance ones at the moment.

9) Stranglethorn Vale ought to be napalmed to flush out the million asshats that make that place home.*Its kind of obvious but don't go here on the weekends, or during the day, or during a holiday. Honestly you're only going to be able to quest here between 4 and 7am in the morning.

10) A group of more then two members of the opposing faction will always attack you.*Three is the magic number where you become free honor and they have no risk.

Thanks to Relm for making this awesome list!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tanking for Arms and Fury vs Protection Dwarf

Ok here we go,

Since Renoobed over there did a post about tankers, I feel the need to add my two cents.

Concerning tanking in Arms or Fury builds pre patch 2.3!

Sunder people! Sunder can be used in any stance but it does better if you are in Defensive stance. If you are Arms or Fury and you want to hold AGGRO... you have two options Sunder and Revenge. You do NOT hold aggro in Battle or Zerker... if you are holding it... your group is coddling you or they suck... bad!

My wow career to date has been tanking in either Arms or Fury... hence the blog name. However, the Dwarf is now Prot for fun instance runs and the Tauren, for PvP fun, is Arms.

Why is Herk Arms if he is leveling? because he is on a PvP server and I get into fights! Speaking of which I am about to hit 66 on him and have all of Nagrand to do... Halaa here I come!

Sorry! Back to the post!

Now, since I went protection for the dwarf, tanking is on easy mode. Yes, BRK can take aggro from me up until the 3rd sunder is up but he does have to work at taking it specifically I believe. Tanking and Protect spec go hand in hand... However hard this is for people to accept; accept it they must.

You can generate MORE aggro in Prot than you ever could in Arms or Fury... PERIOD.

Given equal skills in tanking, an Arms or Fury tank lose compared to Protection warriors.

That said, Arms and Fury tanks can still tank well... but "just as well" should not be confused with "same as" a protection specced warrior. If you are protection specced, you are better able to handle those people who pull accidently, can't chain trap, are Fire Mages with no sense, Hunters that like DMG meters a tad too much, and Rogues who out gear you.

Side rant... I hate when rogues stun the mob and start attacking when I am pulling the mob back in another room. (Aggravation)

Side rant tool tip... you CAN stand on top of the healer to make sure he is safe (it helps!) unless the mob cleaves :0

That's it for now :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wife aggro!


My wife, lovely as she is, has decided to throw fits at me and my warrior ways on the internet. She makes no apologies on how she writes or what she says! ( This is a fair warning for those who thought the DCoE could get bad )

Fear the rant...