Tuesday, October 30, 2007

8 Primal Airs/ 2 Primal Mights/ Aether Rays

Well then,

I am sure most of us do Wrangle More Aether Rays for G. If you play on a PvP server, you are always slightly paranoid when you do the dialys... unless you are flying... but even then, you know if you get hit off that bird and land with less than 1/2 life in front of some asshat it ain't gonna be pretty.

Otoh, there is at times, the you are over there/I am over here neutrality.

What about the pull the mob before you can hit it asshat? Yanno, the ones with spells or a bow and range from here to eternity!

There I am about to get my 2nd ray when BOOM! wth?! Druid?! There goes my ray... grrr... I look over thinking, no ally is dumb enough to do that on a PvP server... must be an asshat Horde.

BUT NO... it was a NELF!

So I meander over... walk up to him... /pat him... wait a tic... he is wrangling... I execute that FLIPPIN RAY!

/mount flying mount... ride off with a cheesed off Druid crow after me... I laughed... and then... I laughed some more.

I farmed Primal Airs for Lunar Crescent last night... I am getting closer... prbly have the axe by Fri or Sat tops.

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