Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Tanking means you don't take damage! errr Say what?!

Ramparts run.

Alright I know... I was 67... there was a 70 warr (Prot), 2 Pallys (Ret) and a Hunter (For BRK's sake I hope he was BM).

I was tagged to help them run Ramparts and since I still need XP I was only too happy to go. Since there were 2 healers and a 70 warrior, I immediately thought DPS time WOOT! I told everyone in the group I was going to town on DPS and to keep me healed and I would smoke the instance.

BRK has seen me DPS an instance with Arms spec and he agrees that I pull entirely too much aggro on myself. BUT! There were 2 healers and I did not die once. Grats Pallys :)

The other Warrior was a bit odd. He decided to go 2H DPS with me... but he was Prot specced?! I had no idea. The warrior seemed new to the game to me. He made several misjudgements and wiped the party at the end by not turning the dragon around for the breath attack and wiped the healers. Also, the healers begged him to take some aggro off of me (Sorry about that Pallys) and he wouldn't do it. He just kept "DPSing" such as it was.

We got into a sticky jam when pulling the 5 group of locks that can also pull the hunter party. We did get all 8 of them. I got aggro on all of them with Chall shout and pulled them all back out of range of any other mobs and feared them and killed 2 of the casters, then I hit warstomp and killed the 2 dogs, then killed the other 2 casters... Now while I am doing all this... ONE would expect the other warrior to follow my lead and FEAR too. Erm no... not so much. We didn't wipe tho.

After running the instance, I look up said warrior on Armory and realize this guy needs help. He is level 70, prot spec and has ... 9200 hp. WTF?!

I go to the warrior "above" me on the totem and say... this warrior needs some help with tanking and gear. I would suggest nudging him to http://www.tankspot.com/ . The guy tells me out of the blue "When tanking, always pull with a bow and use sunder to generate aggro." Confused... I ask "Was that for me?" He says it was. I ask "You know Shield Slam gets more aggro right?" I think I was at my personal limit here. I am trying to help someone else and get a lecture on incorrect tanking? er NO.

I logged

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