Thursday, October 11, 2007

I want my BRKtv.. or at least a Cameo!

Think I got some burn out last night. I was trying to hit 69 on Herk when at 10pm I just called it a night and went to watch Ghosthunters with the Hip. That show seems silly til you watch it a bit and then start wanting them to find something. You almost "will" them to find something. I think this happens from a sub-concious desire to know if there is anything else after we die. Personally, I think there is. However, it has yet to be confirmed by me and I am ok with that!

Connor man has the snuffles too. I took yesterday off to bring him to the doctor. Before leaving the doctor's office, I made damn sure to get an excuse from them because my job is like that. It used to not be but ever since the "new" guy is running the show... sigh

I didn't get to see Hip much yesterday because she had to work a good bit. When she got home it seemed she was just completely worn out from everything.

I haven't been playing the Dwarf much since I have been leveling Herk. I do have a really nice post incoming tho... Dwark tank Vs Tauren tank. Already it seems as if the Tauren has pulled way ahead tho. When Herk was 67-68 I could get his HP over 12k with just food and Com Shout.
Also, Wartsomp > Stoneform.

Then after that... the dreaded... "tank post" for which I will take the flaming of a life probably but oh well.

I WANT A BRK video CAMEO!!! I demand it since he is the one who made me blog. We will see Kelmar run across the screen on his next video :P

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