Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tanking for Arms and Fury vs Protection Dwarf

Ok here we go,

Since Renoobed over there did a post about tankers, I feel the need to add my two cents.

Concerning tanking in Arms or Fury builds pre patch 2.3!

Sunder people! Sunder can be used in any stance but it does better if you are in Defensive stance. If you are Arms or Fury and you want to hold AGGRO... you have two options Sunder and Revenge. You do NOT hold aggro in Battle or Zerker... if you are holding it... your group is coddling you or they suck... bad!

My wow career to date has been tanking in either Arms or Fury... hence the blog name. However, the Dwarf is now Prot for fun instance runs and the Tauren, for PvP fun, is Arms.

Why is Herk Arms if he is leveling? because he is on a PvP server and I get into fights! Speaking of which I am about to hit 66 on him and have all of Nagrand to do... Halaa here I come!

Sorry! Back to the post!

Now, since I went protection for the dwarf, tanking is on easy mode. Yes, BRK can take aggro from me up until the 3rd sunder is up but he does have to work at taking it specifically I believe. Tanking and Protect spec go hand in hand... However hard this is for people to accept; accept it they must.

You can generate MORE aggro in Prot than you ever could in Arms or Fury... PERIOD.

Given equal skills in tanking, an Arms or Fury tank lose compared to Protection warriors.

That said, Arms and Fury tanks can still tank well... but "just as well" should not be confused with "same as" a protection specced warrior. If you are protection specced, you are better able to handle those people who pull accidently, can't chain trap, are Fire Mages with no sense, Hunters that like DMG meters a tad too much, and Rogues who out gear you.

Side rant... I hate when rogues stun the mob and start attacking when I am pulling the mob back in another room. (Aggravation)

Side rant tool tip... you CAN stand on top of the healer to make sure he is safe (it helps!) unless the mob cleaves :0

That's it for now :)

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