Thursday, October 25, 2007

Terrorkar time and that )*(#&$)( Solid Grinding Stone

So then...

I admit Renoobed's opinion on buying the mats for BS to be accurate. It is faster and easier to get the mats by questing for gold.

Having said that, I am a broke monkey. I am stuck at that hateful point between 270-275 BS when you are making Mithril Spurs and all you pray for is a check! I got myself down to 4g yesterday just buying the Solid Stone... I have tons of Thorium I can't use til I get this last ()#$) check. Sigh

I paid back some help Mabd gave me in Terrorkar and went to do all the group quests with Majeure. Quite uneventful... except...


Bird egg group quest

Herk rolls up on Kodo.

Maj "Don't kill the mage he's ok."

Herk "..."

Start fighting leet bird. Along comes 70 Shadow priest... NELF one... he Shadowmelds.

Herk "Trouble"

NELF waits to 30% and fears all both of us... I zerk out of it and quickly kill bird while getting dotted up.

Member that cool mage Majeure was so fond of? You betcha... spells are flying... 67 Pally shows up... I am at low health and pissed off... I chase em to their base... you see I really CAN NOT help trying to kill them when they do this even tho I usually end up dead myself.

Renoobed lets me go most of the time... he understands the personalities the warrior class usually attracts.

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