Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sooo level 70 on the PvP and beyond...

Herk hit 70 awhile back. Herk had some guild problems and joined a new one. The new one is interested in only PvP... this is a good thing. They have tons of premades that win.

Bad thing?

They have no interest in helping new people. Now I can understand not helping a noob get there Tier sets... I can not understand not helping someone for 2-3 days to get Ogri'la attuned.

Also, someone turned a class leader from helping with HH because they had been ninja'd. Really people... if the ninja was not even in your guild?! What is the point in being paranoid about someone you play daily with... who wants to help?! Crazy guild! Did I mention the great premades tho?

Renoobed and I are doing 2v2 with Hunter/Warrior. We do ok. The biggest thing I noticed about us, we can not play worth a crap after 2am...

Mabd "Dude, don't go outta los around the tomb cuz I can't get a shot off."

Herk "That makes sense! Sorry about that won't happen again."


Herk "Ok, that was the last one for me."

Mabd "k"

Herk "Why did we lose to a shammy/hunter?"

Mabd "..."

Herk "O crap... did I play ring around the column with them?! I did! I shoulda gone out in the middle cuz of los!"

Mabd "..."

Herl "Sorry guy :( "

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