Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey everyone,

Take a look at this to the right here. This is a pic of Gustav and its path. I live slightly NW of the third H dot.

See ya when the power comes back on :(

Friday, August 29, 2008

Music time

Honorshammer had a post about what song he likes to metaphor his tanking. I got to thinking that I might just steal that idea and modify it just so and let you guys know what I really like to listen to and for what occasion.

When I get to listen to the music loud cuz no one is there…

For PvP

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor - Drowning Pool
Inside the Fire - Disturbed (Anything by Disturbed really)
Welcome to the Jungle by GnR
Dirty by Trick Daddy ( I really enjoy a harder bassline combined with classic guitar riffs)
Go to Sleep by Eminem, DMX
One by Metallica
O fortuna
Lux Aeterna
Just like you imagined
Anything by Queen particularly (One vision)
Up in here – DMX
Red Tape - Agent Provacatuer
Machinehead – Bush
Dragula, More Human than Human, Living Dead Girl – Rob Zombie

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Content Patch and Warstomps

I was going to try Warhammer out! Really! I was! Then Blizz drops the content patch goodness on Warhammer’s release time. Those evil and smart bastiches!!! I can get that new and sweet Titans Grip before WOTLK?! Time to grind another 27K honor for the 2H Merciless Axe and luckily AV weekend falls on a holiday weekend where I have an extra day off!!

I started last night with the daily of WSG and really feel the need to post about it. Listen guys, when you drop into a WSG that 0/1 and quickly goes to 0/2, you do NOT quit playing! I zoned in to this and I went immediately to get the flag and ran it back for a capture. A pally whispers me to tell me “Thank god, someone who can play!” I stay in the throne room and kill all the ally with a very nice Resto Druid and affliction Lock. No one was getting our flag.

Another druid takes the ally flag and is gone!!! I run down tunnel to intercept his pursuers and proceed to fear bomb all of them with a piecing howl for good measure and the druid was gone and up the tunnel for point #2.

I am already half way to their flag so off I go. A priest gets there before me and I meet her running out and she drops the flag off to me. Another thing guys, this priest was awesome because she knew I could run the flag better and chose the match over personal glory. We run it back and get into a fight at the opening of our tunnel. I sword and board it with Blazefury in defensive using reflect and block whenever they are up while sundering the target I am on until I get 5 and the guy drops. Sometimes, it is better to fight it out especially when your team is there to back you up.

The fight is done and I am able to run up tunnel with 1 or 2 chasers. 1 chaser is a gnome warrior who knows what he is about and is about 1 or 2’ ahead of me and is not fighting but running. He is running to pick up our flag before I can cap! This is a fine tactic until you Warstomped by me. He was exactly 1” away from the flag when I capped for the win.

Monday, August 18, 2008

You don't always get what you want.


This is Hip posting. I figured.. my boobs, my shirt, my post! So, i made this shirt as a 'haha' but wear it a lot.. Ally bait on the front. Horde symbol that says HORDEalicious on the back.

So without anymore chatter i give you..
ReNOOBed's worst nightmare..
Yeah, -S- you can move out of state.. but will never get away from meh bOObs. =]

Sugars hair and small guilds

I have a little guild on Lightninghoof named The Dogs of War. Sugars and I started up the guild for Bank tabs and Gchat. We invited mainly our real life friends or people we personally quested with who wanted a home. I have 2 70s on teh Hoof and I usually farm out Herk to other guilds just to see if any of them are a good fit. I really have not found a guild that I have wanted to belong to so I usually end up bringing Herk back to Dogs.

I tell any and all of my old WoW friends which server I play on and to please make an alt and join gchat for the occasional drive by chatting. Back in the day of the first server switch, I met Ozma and fell into friendship rather fast. (Psst, don’t tell the wife.) Well, Ozma decided to take a turn for the PvP and she loves it so far. I have told you before and you can see her own comments but PVP server makes the game much more interesting. It’s even better if you actually know your guildies as friends who show up when you are getting ganked.

Now when I say we are small… we are tiny. We have 4 70s of which 2 are mine. We need someone to either play another healer or tank as I am the only with either tank or healer atm and this will make 5 mans hard in WOTLK. I have high hopes for Sugars and his Death Knight as a tank! I digress. The nice thing about small guilds of friends is the camaraderie that comes from it. Personally, I have looked at Gchat in random guilds and seen the constant “Can someone give me a runthrough?” and not thought even to reply with a “no.”

Not so much in our small guild. When there is gchat going on, it is either about boobs, porn, or can I give you a runthrough, do you need any G? This really only happens in little guilds and I think for WOTLK we will be keeping it up.

Side Note: Yes, Renoobed is in the guild but only with his low level alts. I am fairly certain he considers it slumming. However, he did stock the Gbank up with blue rings when he leveled JC and is always helpful when asked… unless it’s me asking.

Sony and I did arena last night and had a grand ole time. She likes the arena and already has better tactics than Melvin.

Without further ado…

I present Sugars with the Zack Morris hair flop!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spin Class!! er What?!

So I am still hitting the gym and have even started dieting after I read something that struck me as profound and really quite simple. An article on said that one can not out exercise a bad diet. Geez?! Really?! I don’t know how many times I justified eating something because I had worked out that day but I assure you it was a lot. So I have been on my diet for 3 weeks and this is the start of the 4th. I have had tremendous gains. I take that back as I have had tremendous losses. I dropped a pant size again in 3 weeks and I am down to 252lbs. I will be keeping up with this diet until at least December.

It’s been really easy because I do allow myself a cheat day on Saturdays. I may get to the point where I don’t have a cheat day but I enjoy waking up on Saturday mornings with my son and have a really big bowl of Cocoa Crispies which we share while watching cartoons. Sun – Fri it is planned meal time. For those wondering what it looks like.

Morning – 1cup of Oatmeal
Mid Morning – 12oz with protein mix
Lunch – 6oz chicken breast with Broccoli
Mid Afternoon – Can of Tuna
Gym time 45 – 60 minutes depending
Dinner – Protien, carbs, veggies
Late night – 2tblspns of Peanut Butter

The above it pretty balanced and honestly, since I eat every 2-3 hours, I am not hungry and I do not get hit with food cravings because I am always full or haven’t been without food long enough to get hungry. I am also drinking ½ gallon to a gallon of water a day.

Now what was that about spin class? My supervisor does a spin class and has challenged me to go to it. Now, I can do that damnable elliptical machine for about an hour but this spin class crap is going to kill me. I told her I’d go so Ima gonna… just don’t expect too much.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

@ Jah, Baelgun server, Mutiny Guild

I did not play very much last night as it was my wife’s first night of classes with H&R Block and I was in charge of the boy. We had lots of fun. We jumped on the bed and danced more than a little to… er … Lazy Town. Please don’t tell anyone about that internet. He fell asleep pretty early so I went and squeezed in some game time. I ran teh Ozmah through Shadowfang Keep about 3 times and got her all of the casters drops! Yay!

After that my wife was home and we decided to get the daily PvP in which was WSG. Q up and get ready to play. Alliance was on their game last night and it was a hard fought match 10-15 minutes in and no one had scored. We could not get the flag back from the warrior and his 3 druids (yes!!! F’ing 3 druids.) On my way back, I notice a well geared hunter who was AFK on his mount.

Here we all were doing our damndest to win and here sits this loser inching forward on his mount 1 step at a time so I can’t just report his ass. I call him out in BG chat only to be told to QQ more. Ahem… do people know how lucky they are to be sitting far away from me at times? Noobed knows how lucky he is I am sure. Not that he has ever afk’d in anything but he has definitely riled me up enough to hit him if he was in range.

Anyways, playing with this F*(ker was bad enough once but we get him the next game as well. I let everyone know up front that he will afk and be quite useless. He spend the rest of his time in that BG tell people that I keep /w bombing him when in actuality he keeps /w me telling me he “lubs me.”

Great way to represent your guild, your server and yourself you disgraceful heap and you may not ever know it but somewhere and somewhen that little weird nostalgia you get when someone punches you in the face… that’s me helping them do it.

Jah – Orc Hunter – Baelgun server – Guilded with Mutiny… Resident @$$hat and F*(ktard.

I don’t necessarily wish anything bad on you that would be permanent but I hope someone punches you in the face today.

Monday, August 4, 2008


First off, I am still working on my wife to get the twins and Ally Bait t-shirt picture up. I even went so far as to let her come to the store with my boy and I despite his protest that she “go way.” If it is not taken and posted soon then I will deny her any loving! Er … I am working on it though.

AV was great this weekend as everyone was a win with defenders galore at RH. Offense was even recapping Tower Point and IB Tower. I had several wins with over 600 honor earned. I even played my wife’s hunter so she could get some HPs this weekend. That crazy girl went and got herself a book on an AV weekend and decided to read it instead. I mean really… you could have waited until WSG weekend baby.

My pally made lv30 and got his very spiffy red and gold warhorse. I wasn’t able and didn’t play very much this weekend because my graphics card went down like Monica Belluci in Shoot em up. I had to buy another but luckily it was a tax break weekend and the card was on sale. Yay!

I am still sticking to the diet and am losing roughly 3lbs a week. I am hoping to be at the 247 mark at the end of this month and the 237 mark at the end of September.