Monday, August 18, 2008

Sugars hair and small guilds

I have a little guild on Lightninghoof named The Dogs of War. Sugars and I started up the guild for Bank tabs and Gchat. We invited mainly our real life friends or people we personally quested with who wanted a home. I have 2 70s on teh Hoof and I usually farm out Herk to other guilds just to see if any of them are a good fit. I really have not found a guild that I have wanted to belong to so I usually end up bringing Herk back to Dogs.

I tell any and all of my old WoW friends which server I play on and to please make an alt and join gchat for the occasional drive by chatting. Back in the day of the first server switch, I met Ozma and fell into friendship rather fast. (Psst, don’t tell the wife.) Well, Ozma decided to take a turn for the PvP and she loves it so far. I have told you before and you can see her own comments but PVP server makes the game much more interesting. It’s even better if you actually know your guildies as friends who show up when you are getting ganked.

Now when I say we are small… we are tiny. We have 4 70s of which 2 are mine. We need someone to either play another healer or tank as I am the only with either tank or healer atm and this will make 5 mans hard in WOTLK. I have high hopes for Sugars and his Death Knight as a tank! I digress. The nice thing about small guilds of friends is the camaraderie that comes from it. Personally, I have looked at Gchat in random guilds and seen the constant “Can someone give me a runthrough?” and not thought even to reply with a “no.”

Not so much in our small guild. When there is gchat going on, it is either about boobs, porn, or can I give you a runthrough, do you need any G? This really only happens in little guilds and I think for WOTLK we will be keeping it up.

Side Note: Yes, Renoobed is in the guild but only with his low level alts. I am fairly certain he considers it slumming. However, he did stock the Gbank up with blue rings when he leveled JC and is always helpful when asked… unless it’s me asking.

Sony and I did arena last night and had a grand ole time. She likes the arena and already has better tactics than Melvin.

Without further ado…

I present Sugars with the Zack Morris hair flop!

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