Monday, August 4, 2008


First off, I am still working on my wife to get the twins and Ally Bait t-shirt picture up. I even went so far as to let her come to the store with my boy and I despite his protest that she “go way.” If it is not taken and posted soon then I will deny her any loving! Er … I am working on it though.

AV was great this weekend as everyone was a win with defenders galore at RH. Offense was even recapping Tower Point and IB Tower. I had several wins with over 600 honor earned. I even played my wife’s hunter so she could get some HPs this weekend. That crazy girl went and got herself a book on an AV weekend and decided to read it instead. I mean really… you could have waited until WSG weekend baby.

My pally made lv30 and got his very spiffy red and gold warhorse. I wasn’t able and didn’t play very much this weekend because my graphics card went down like Monica Belluci in Shoot em up. I had to buy another but luckily it was a tax break weekend and the card was on sale. Yay!

I am still sticking to the diet and am losing roughly 3lbs a week. I am hoping to be at the 247 mark at the end of this month and the 237 mark at the end of September.

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