Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Not so Artful Dodger

The Not So Artful Dodger

My friend has decided to start enjoying the blogosphere even though he feels dirty about the word. I have been friends with him so long we managed to date the same girl. No, it is not my now wife or his lol. I really need to write that fiasco down sometime.

Back before WoW we used to get together for weekend games of HALO at a buddies house. Those were just truly awesome times and even though I am ecstatic about my life now I will always look back on those times with just a little bit of longing for great days gone by.

The Dodger started WoW life as a Pally. In fact, I am fairly certain that he was chosen as the token pally like Ironbelly was since they were just a tad late in picking WoW up and we still had a D&D mindset of got to have a balanced party. Warriors back then were hugely jealous of the Pally SoC damage output when we couldn’t get enough Rage to get a Battle Shout up at times and here this yahoo class can DPS and Heal and wear plate. Arghh!!

The Dodger got tired of Pally life and rolled a Human Rogue that he leveled with blazing speed until he got “hitched.” Hey, its his word. Now Dodger’s wife, much like my own, is truly an awesome lady and I completely understand the leaving the WoW crack pipe aside. I would have done the same thing had my wife not started playing with me. I have some of the best stories about Dodger playing his Paladin. You have to understand though; we were all new to the game and not students of everything gaming like Noobed over there. For the longest time, I wouldn’t even read the instruction manual because I thought I would learn enough just playing the game. Errr ya… I am still working on that.

I leave you to one of our most laughed about tales. I have to mention here that Dodger had been out of the raiding game for about 2-3 months and was just filling in as help for us when this happened.

Fankriss in AQ40, I think I have the right name there. He was the scorpion type with add spawn points? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, we are setting up for Fankriss and we are paired off into spawn point groups. Dodger is in my group as my main healer. I really don’t have anything to worry about as Dodger gives leet heals and my gear is very nice for an OT at the time. I had on all Wrath except the chest plate (You go straight to hell Nefarion!) which never dropped for me. So the raid leader is on vent waiting to call everyone over to the tail to begin DPS.

MT engages, adds spawn and I start grouping them up. Then over vent you hear, “Everyone to the tail!” followed shortly by “Why is Kelmar dead?!” then "Dodger!! Why are you at the tail!?!!" It seems Dodger thought he was supposed to go to the tail and was wondering why I didn’t pull back for heals LOL. Dear god we still laugh about it.

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