Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Wife Part Deux

My wife hit level 70 on her hunter a while ago (Yay!!) and she started the farming of various things. One of her farming places was the big crystal in Nagrand for Primal Shadows. Now the problem for new 70s on a PvP server is all of them farm spots are warzones on occasion and if not a warzone then probably a gankzone. Furthermore, the problem with Nagrand and the Primal Shadows is that raiding guilds need the Primals for Black Temple or some such.

We all know how cowardly alliance is by now do we not? kk just checking.

So you have a 70 belf hunter not even in rep gear (side note: my wife did not like Terrorkar and skipped the later half of the quest to go to her favorite zone which is Nagrand.) Now, given this delicious opportunity to prove your Black Temple epics are much better than my wife’s greens/blues I can see how she is irresistible for the ganking. However, did you look up at all?

So there is a t6 hunter that stops by my wife and /waves her and 2secs later is casting aimed shot at her… 4secs after that happens he gets hit with a starfire for 4k+ dmg and he gets dead shortly there after. The hunter’s warlock buddy who was spectating the ganking is also caught unawares but my wife’s hunter still dies from dots I think followed shortly by the Lock. What the?! Rogue too?!! Sigh… run run … run some more… outta combat /swift flight form and gone.

Head on back after healing up and the hunter has rezzed and is eating until he is placed back into the spirit world by me. The lock is up on a bird and I dot her while she flies up out of range. At this point my wife and I are still talking and while the hunter rezzes and the warlock is on me I tell her to rez and get in the fight.

“I can’t I didn’t run back to my body.”

(Sorry Ratshag gotta steal again)


“I’m sorry, what’s that you say?”

“Don’t yell at me!”

Kill hunter… run from lock… /swift flight form

Drop back down and use the BR on the wife who may or may not have been back by that time because my memory is hazey on the incident now. We both have a good laugh and kill the duo again.

Next day or so…

My wife comes in with her ample bosom (Never thought I would be able to write that on this blog… BigRedKitty should be happy) and proudly shows her shirt that now says Ally Bait with the Horde symbol on the back. I’ll try and get her to post a pic of it. It stills cracks me up.

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