Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Burn list

Warriors – PvP warriors will most likely be Arms. If they are not, they are not much of a concern. In any event, Herk should not beat on them when there is a better target. Better read more easily killed.

Druid – This one has to have subsets

Restoration – I am in their face, no slack given.

Balance – In their face if not in Moonkin form. With Moonkin going I need to skip because of the damage mitigation.

Feral – If they are in cat I can wack on them but again there are better targets as they can switch to Bear form with mondo AC.

Mages – This one needs a subset

Frost – In his face, he’s gotta burn that Iceblock.

Fire – In his face, he’s gotta burn that Iceblock and will mostly be meat anyways.

Arcane – Only fought one, wasn’t impressed but he’s still gotta burn that Iceblock too.

Warlocks – Kill the pet, kill the lock.

Shaman – Kill the shaman and kill him first. They seem to be easily killed by melee whether they resto or not. However, the do have a bit higher AC so they may not be first all of the time. Especially if I have Tazzy backing me up.

Paladin – Really one of the last I should be wacking on. High AC, bubbles, can heal themselves full when they bubble. I should make them waste the healing on the mob I am hitting that had the Mortal Strike debuff on it.

Priest – Sharpen points on Mace. Hit them and hit them hard. Yes, the can bubble but only for so long. They all need to die and interrupted and what not.

Rogue – I can eat Rogues. It’s harder if they are getting heals so I should have taken out the healer first. They aren’t going to be focusing on Herk because of his high AC but the may try and lock him up.

Next up will be the most common team make ups and my target for first kill on those teams.

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