Monday, July 28, 2008

The weekend

Not too much going on for the WoW side. I got Aerthson’s season 2 staff and Herk his guardian pendant. I’ll need to get some arena in tonight to get points for Herk and my wife’s hunter. The pally that was really good decided to be really flakey. Noobed tells me he has a partner for this weekend but that must have fell through because he was also a no show.

Arena 5s

This was really an abysmal effort this week. No one focused fired my target. All 5 of us went different directions most of the time. Also, we played some very well put together and disciplined teams. The last match we lost, I was in awe of the teamwork for LOS they used. I’d explain it but it won’t do it justice to actually see them do it. They roughest teams we faced were:

Druid, Druid, Priest, Pally, Rogue
Priest, Warrior, Warrior, Lock, Pally

The above kept 2 members of our team permanently cycloned. The second team make up had 4 fear bombs and they knew… they used it masterfully. We did beat the Druid/Druid team once. We played them a total of 3 times though. The Fear Bombs away team we encountered 3 times as well with no wins against them.

Usually, I leave the Melviin bits up to Noobed over there but the “we shouldn’t play on Sat” irked me. It doesn’t matter when we play, it matters HOW we play Melvin and your squishy butt running into the other 5s team in hopes of getting a chain lightning off was quite silly. Quit dying!! Not once did I see you ghostwolf and haul ass. Quit waiting for heals >.<

He wasn’t only one playing not up to spec as we all had our issues. It was especially painful after having a good week before. Sigh

I played my pally a bit over the weekend. I enjoy tanking with him and the DPS is fine by me thanks to the guides I read on how to DPS as a pally.

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