Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Herk's targets


This is pretty straight forward for Herk. Charge the mage and make him Iceblock. BOF from pally would help here as 20 sec would pass before it would even be needed again. After the Iceblock, I hit the Druid and wait on the 70 Rage at which time Tazzy and I rock the Resto Druid. Must make sure to stun or hamstring druid right before burst. Warrior should be beating on Noobed.


Tag the Lock’s pet on charge and kill it. Possible fear bomb if the others are close to me. Now then if the pets dead the lock can be killed easier but we should wait until I hit the 70rage mark before Burst because the druids have a harder time healing through Burst. Alternately, I kill the lock pet and switch to Druid and burst him. The problem with doing this is relying on stun for that god awful fearing that will happen to Tazzy in the interim. Lock should really be first imo as Tazzy is rendered useless from Deathcoil and fears. No extra DPS, no extra heals = no win.


Argh!! This one Noobed is right on. We should be owning this team. Druid goes down first thanks to burst. I will have to wait for the burst because more likely than not Tazzy will be blinded while Noobed is getting beat on by the Rogue/Warrior combo. Run little wolf run. Most likely we will kill the other’s healer and it will be 2v2 with some heals coming from Tazzy at which time I think killing the Rogue makes more sense.


Fear bombs!! Gotta remember to stay in Zerk most of the time. Also, Lock pet first, then Lock>Druid>Warrior. I don’t like the fact that lock puts Tazzy out of the game so much so he gotta go. Remember to wait for 70 rage mark and then call out burst. When Burst is called out should be a Q for Noobed to try and Earthshock the druid. After the lock is the druid and then warrior.


Yikes!! Erm so this is a drain team that will most likely focus on Noobed when they see he is the healer. Mage has to iceblock so he is first up on the charge list. Then I get kinda sketchy… Hunter then Priest? Priest then Hunter? Wouldn’t it depend on what the priest was? Are the typically shadow for this setup? If so, I think kick the hunter’s ass and make the not so talented Priest try his hand at healing.


Mage has to Iceblock then am on the priest. Rogue will be kited by Noobed.


Shaman gotta die. For this to happen means the Pally is ret or stunned and burst goes off on shaman. Ignore rogue. If Pally is the healer, I will try and fear bomb close to the Shaman and wait on the 70rage for Burst.

That’s it for now. Feel free to throw me any comments.

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