Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pally through Dark Clouds?

Well then!! First off, we have a rocking Pally for 3s!!! But I have to hit you with the Melvin team first.

So last night was arena night for pretty much everyone I know on the game. We all let it drag out until Monday and had to get our games in. I really do not care to do arena on Monday nights. It seems rushed. If we happened to be doing very well with the team there isn’t really anytime to run the rating up on Monday night.

So first up we have a Melvin team. Now, Noobed told me no more Melvin. Then he goes and sets up a 5s team. We had a SL/SL Lock, Elemental Shaman, Discipline Priest, Boomkin (me) and Frost Mage (Noobed). This should really be a sick team. We have Focus fire, Mana Drains, CC. However, it seems that we couldn’t get our teamwork quite down. As always, shenanigans were afoot. Noobed told them no alts and we were going to go for ratings this week and to take it seriously. The problems were pretty much the same. We went 5 and 5. We should be doing much better than that. Aerthson did get caught by a rogue once when I was creeping out in cat form. I was pretty much done after he stunlocked me. This was ridiculous! I have a priest, a lock and a mage. For god’s sake Heal, Fear, Sheep… can I get some D please? Kk Thanks!

It was my wife’s first time in arena!! It was just points run as she still has greens and what not. It was pretty brutal. We ran 3s with Noobed’s Shammy and Herk and my wife’s Hunter. After game 5, the pally Noobed had been talking up came online for some points.

I really have nothing else to say but Holy $h!t! The first match he calls out lead target and we go to work. We win and take a look and that Pally out DPS’d Herk by 10k. WTF?! Seriously, I have never seen a pally play this well. The next 4 matches were wins as well. I was particular proud that I no longer had to worry about my other teammates. The last match was 2 hunters and a lock. I was able to dispatch (with extreme prejudice) the lock without ever feeling the need to pan around cuz my teammates could handle their own. I ran and jumped up and off the bridge to kill the hunter that was following Noobed and we all took down the last hunter.

I am so stoked for next arena. The other great thing is that the guy has 3 warriors like I do and we can talk shop. He has 5 70s and is on all day everyday tho. That worries me lol.

Anyways, Noobed really did find some gold in that pally.


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