Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The wife

I don’t really write about my wife very often because a) she reads the blog b) I can put a foot in my mouth without ever realizing it is there. That being said I will try and given you some of her funny exploits.

I played WoW when I was single. When I started seeing my new girlfriend, now wife, I quit playing for a good couple of months. At the time I began playing again, I had had to take an overnight job to keep money coming in so she was left chilling at my place overnight. She would watch me play here and there while watching TV. One night as I am trying to level fishing she takes over and fishes a little. I leave for work at 10pm and leave her there fishing.

I call her about midnight to talk and ask her what’s going on. “Playing.” She says. “You’re still fishing?” I ask. “Nope, playing.” She says. “Playing what?! The priest I made to show you the NELF dance?”


Call her back at 2am to let her know I will be home for my lunch period if she is still awake. She says she is because she is still playing. So I get home at 3am and it is hot in the house which confuses me and I see this pizza that is slowly sliding off the stove because it has thawed out. I call out and she is back in the bedroom and I ask about the pizza.

“Oh noes!! I forgot!!!”

I go back to work. I don’t call her anymore because I think she will have passed out by the time I get home. I get home at 6:55 because we left early. I would normally get home at 7:15ish. I walk in to all the lights on and hear her shriek something to the tune of “Iwassupposedtohavefifteenmoreminutes!!”

Yup, she was still playing. We shared an account for a while after that. Eventually, we got 2 computers, 2 accounts and 2 WoW habits. She now plays on Horde side with me as a Belf Hunter. She likes the hunter way better than the priest.

Tomorrow, I will explain how she came to make her own shirt with the phrase “Ally Bait” written across the chest.

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