Monday, July 7, 2008

These are the days

So there I am in Netherwing Fields doing the dailies so I can finally have a dragon. Yes, it’s my first one. I’ll let everyone know when I got her with a picture. Anyways, I am mining nethercite ore when Vishra (Lightninghoof) stops by and waves at me. Now Vishra is a gnome rogue see… and I hate gnomes, hence, she got no wave in reply. I mount and move on to the next ore.

Here’s where it gets interesting. For anyone who as farmed netherwing rep, I am sure you know the landing point for the transports guarded by two hulking elites. There is an ore spawn point there which is close to the guards but you don’t aggro them if you land on the backside of the ore. Now with adamantite going for 28g a stack on my server… I BRAKE for adamantite may as well be plastered on my tabard.

Hrmm, that gnome rogue Vishra followed me over here and is waving again. That gnome can’t possibly be that stupid… what am I thinking!! It’s a gnome!! Sure enough, stabbity stabbity. Trinket out and turn around… with all that nice built up second wind rage and hit that gnome so hard the gnomes in Ironforge wince. I’m not kidding… the first crit was for over 2k. I added the nifty little /goodbye to my Execute so you can imagine what he saw spammed. Gnome on my hoof tho!! Sigh… what the?

Dorf hunter from same guild smacking me in the back I realize. Turn and Intercept his dorf but and proceed to layeth it down again. The Dwarf must really have been undergeared cuz I only had to pot in order for him not to kill me when I was already at half from that silly gnome. /Goodbye Dorf.


What now?! Pally from the same guild >.< The pally is gonna be death of me. That really stings. Sigh… lets go get my licks in at least! Why is he running from me?! Is he undergeared too? Does he see those two elites he is back into? I back off and let him go and bam. Dead Pally storage. I mount up and ride off chuckling so hard to myself I feel the need to tell everyone what happened.

Moments like this make all the crap gankings at Isle o Cash worth it.

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