Monday, July 21, 2008

Working on it post instead of Dark Knight review

I am writing the below post because a good many of my friends did not go see The Dark Knight and have threatened me with giving anything away. However, I can say that the movie lived up to the hype and to the promise which is hard to do for both things. 10/10 for me on the first veiwing.

So like everyone else in the world of warcraft I will want to play a Deathknight. I will not be leveling another toon until after I get Herk and Aerthson up to 80 and the other toon will be the Deathknight if I have the time. That being said, with the time I have left before WOTLK hits I need to set myself some goals I tell ya. What can I get Herk and Aerthson to do before Wrath hits? I have been working on several things.


375 BS
375 Mining
275 Cooking
0 Fishing
375 First Aid

I crafted my happy little Blazefury this past week for my tanking sword which should last a few level into WOTLK. I do need to get it enchanted with Executioner tho. Herk also needs badges so in between week I will be hitting the prot spec for some Heroics and a Kara or two. Herk needs to hit Exalted with Scryer too. Need to get his Guardian gear.


375 LW
375 Skinning
375 Cooking
340 Fishing (You only need this on one toon as far as I know.)
30 First Aid (Need to work on this)

Aerthson needs his s2 Staff for boomkin happiness and he should be good on DPS side for PvP. I have no plans of raiding with him as Boomkin or Resto although I may go get him some badges for happy loots. Also, when my wife starts her Netherwing grind I will help her on Aerthson for giggles only because Swift Flight Form >>> Netherdrake.

Not sure what else I can be working on at the moment. Will have to think up more stuff to do…

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