Wednesday, July 2, 2008

To make my point

It's like this internet peoples. Noobed can not give constructive criticism. He gives FLAT criticism and makes you feel like a moron when doing it. See below the below comment from Noobed.

"He goes druid. And gets mowed down in arena. And I get SUPER PISSED. Cuz every goddamn dps in the game has been in a battleground and run into the near unkillable resto druid. And here I am thinking... I know for damn sure you've seen a resto druid played properly first hand... and you didn't learn shit from it. Even asa boomkin, you can pick up stuff"

This is typical Noobed when he decides to talk about what went wrong with Arena. Anyone else see the Gordon Ramsey reference?

He even baits me to quit the team and then covers his tracks by telling me I'm a quitter. Renoobed we gonna go through this once more... I'm your friend. What I am not is a sycophant, snivler, shut up and take it or even your GODDAMN idea of the perfect player or thinker. What I don't do is turn into an asshole over a GODDAMN game. This is exactly what happens to you when I make a mistake or don't pick up as fast as you think I should.

You don't like playing with me... don't play with me. But this comes to an end. If you can not /w me with doing silly crap like /wrists everytime I play with you, then don't bother.

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