Monday, June 30, 2008


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Arena has started for Noobed and I again so this should make for amusing posts as you know how the two of us get along. I very muched realized why I can't get along with Noobed when it comes to his criticisms. It's not the fact that he is right. It's the fact that he comes across like a complete jackass when he is trying to tell you what you are doing wrong. I really feel justified in calling him the Gordon Ramsey of Arena.

I mentioned this to him and his response was something like... "Gordon Ramsey is GOD!" Most of the time when I am watching that Hell's Kicthen thing I am thinking, I would so punch him in the face. The problem with Noobed is, he aint got Gordon Ramsey's skills in the kitchen/arena.

He wonders why I am targeting the rogue. I am not beating on the rogue Noobed! I am Hamstringing the rogue in hopes that you Ghost Wolf that sorry geared Resto Shaman of your and head to the next zipcode. This while I have Sweeping Strikes going on so I am hitting both his and my guy anyways.

Alas, he wouldn't have as much ammunition if I didn't forget easy stuff like kill the damn Felhunter. I think he wants me to stay in the healers face more but I'm not sure this is the best thing in all situations since I am the Burst DPS. I can make a resto druid run for their life but I can't kill one easily and I can't leave the Rogue and Warrior beating on my healer. It's sticky. Probably gonna need to send Megs an email.

Below are the screenshots I managed to send before I passed out last night. I didn't take screenshots of all of the matches because my team was freaking out thinking I was lagging. Yes, I did tell them before hand that I would be screenshotting and taking notes. Sigh. The teams below were testing fights but nothing dramatically hard. Also, I have the list of the matches from Round 4 on. Not sure why I lost Round 1-3 but Round 1 and 3 were wins while Round 2 was a loss. The first name after the Round is who died first. I also posted the win or loss and team makeup.

Special note: Unbound's gear is not up to snuff in resilence department but the rest is very good. I think he is at +1600 heals.

Now, I don't have the fight that I think was Lock/Druid/Pally. We kill the lock and the Feral druid takes out Unbound rogue style. I start beating on the catform druid and he changes to bear at like 15%... he's dead!! I got em. He gets a heal and goes to 21% thanks to Mortal Strike. I figure Tazzy is right there next to the pally. ( I had told Tazzy that one of his main jobs was to stun heals and he had been doing it. ) I continue to beat on the bear who jumps back up to 33% and Tazzy is beating on the bear with me now and I am steadily going down in health. You see... I had that Druid... he was dead. They ended up winning as he steadily drained my health and Tazzy was out of mana.

Now look... Tazzy used his mana to fight not to heal. You hear this Noobed? I never got back up over into green on my health bar and I'm sorry. A F($cking Bear druid is NOT going eat away at my health with his crap DPS and kill me if I am getting heals. Tazzy was NOT healing me. There was no healing debuff on me. The next time you armchair quarterback cuz you are in the spirit realm please pay more attention before telling me Tazzy was healing me. He was not.

Round 4

Unbound Loss Warr/Rog/Druid



Rogue and Warrior at Unbound figured they liked steak and went through me.

Round 5

Unbound Loss Priest/Rogue/Druid



Again, Rogue ate Unbound. I was on priest entire time and the Druid ran free cuz Tazzy was on my priest.

Round 6

Unbound Loss Warr/Rogue/Pally



Guess what happened here!

ROund 7

Unbound Loss Rogue/Mage/Shammy



And again!!!

Round 8

No deaths Win Priest/Druid/Pally

We took this one apart. Probably built up angst from losing so much.

Round 9

Undound Loss Lock/Rogue/Druid



Dear god that lock new hot to fear Tazzy. Tazzy was blinded, stunlocked, rooted and Feared the entire match. The rogue had more Unbound pie.

Round 10

Unbound Loss Druid/Rogue/Warr



Rogue and Warrior kill Unbound then Tazzy then me.
Round 11

Win Priest/Mage/Rogue

Just a little more cloth armor please!!

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