Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Work was kicking my butt and there was tons of overtime. It still is kicking my butt! I decided to take some time out and write though. Season 4 is live and I have decided to work on Herk for the remainder of Burning Crusade. I very much like my mage and shammy alts since I had never played the classes but I don’t think I have enough time to play them and get Herk’s PvP gear, his netherdrake and Aerthson’s S2 staff and S3 gear.

I probably should have paid better attention to my honor points during Season 3 but meh. I tried going tank and got quit a good tanking set. Then my guild didn’t want to talk to me because I couldn’t tank nightly. Ah well. 1 good weekend of AV will catch Herk up with his rings and neck. Next Tuesday I will pickup his S3 gloves and he will be 3-5 S3 with S2 mace and have all the accessory trimmings. It is time to go for the Battlemaster trinket as well.

Renoobed and I will be rolling 2s with Herk and his Resto Shaman Unbound. We are thinking (Read: Renoobed told me) about getting a Ret Pally. Now, I am really interested to see how well we compliment each other for this. When we are doing Melvin’s 5v5, we have great teamwork and don’t talk at all. This brings me to another point.

I step in for 5v5 when they need me if’n I can. Depending on the team makeup at the time, we don’t lose all that much. Melvin is pretty decent on his Elemental Shaman, his bro is good on his priest and I do very well on Herk. Now, Noobed has 3 toons and he loves his hunter but it is not his best toon. He really F’ing shines on Majeure, his mage. Now, you add Sugars as an SL/SL or get an Enhance shaman or Resto Druid or Boomkin and we have the makings of a team with an actual rating. It will never happen, I’m just saying.

Now, they had an A team at one time. This A team included Pogar the well gear but moronic, world’s worst warrior. He is/was (he is playing a rogue now) s2 full with all the accessory trimmings and Lionheart Executioner wielding warrior that constantly got out DPS’d and out performed by the S1 having 2H epic Axe wielding with no accessories Herk. Pogar was also the last in to the fight instead of being the vanguard. He routinely said he would target whatever the hunter was targeting and then go in. This drove Noobed nuts.

My other addition to Arena this time will be to go slower and pay more attention. I’ve been working on the bloodlust you see. I used to get really really upset and angry about losing in Arena. This time around I will be taking screenshots of all the fights and watching, learning and doing the math as it were when it comes to the end of our arena for the week. I think it will be important to see what kind of damage we do/take given which team make up we face and then I can start planning accordingly. Don’t tell Noobed though!

Next up: My post on Alterac Vallley entitled No Defense = No Win you Morons! <- I have that on Macro so I don’t have to type it anymore!

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