Tuesday, August 5, 2008

@ Jah, Baelgun server, Mutiny Guild

I did not play very much last night as it was my wife’s first night of classes with H&R Block and I was in charge of the boy. We had lots of fun. We jumped on the bed and danced more than a little to… er … Lazy Town. Please don’t tell anyone about that internet. He fell asleep pretty early so I went and squeezed in some game time. I ran teh Ozmah through Shadowfang Keep about 3 times and got her all of the casters drops! Yay!

After that my wife was home and we decided to get the daily PvP in which was WSG. Q up and get ready to play. Alliance was on their game last night and it was a hard fought match 10-15 minutes in and no one had scored. We could not get the flag back from the warrior and his 3 druids (yes!!! F’ing 3 druids.) On my way back, I notice a well geared hunter who was AFK on his mount.

Here we all were doing our damndest to win and here sits this loser inching forward on his mount 1 step at a time so I can’t just report his ass. I call him out in BG chat only to be told to QQ more. Ahem… do people know how lucky they are to be sitting far away from me at times? Noobed knows how lucky he is I am sure. Not that he has ever afk’d in anything but he has definitely riled me up enough to hit him if he was in range.

Anyways, playing with this F*(ker was bad enough once but we get him the next game as well. I let everyone know up front that he will afk and be quite useless. He spend the rest of his time in that BG tell people that I keep /w bombing him when in actuality he keeps /w me telling me he “lubs me.”

Great way to represent your guild, your server and yourself you disgraceful heap and you may not ever know it but somewhere and somewhen that little weird nostalgia you get when someone punches you in the face… that’s me helping them do it.

Jah – Orc Hunter – Baelgun server – Guilded with Mutiny… Resident @$$hat and F*(ktard.

I don’t necessarily wish anything bad on you that would be permanent but I hope someone punches you in the face today.

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