Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Content Patch and Warstomps

I was going to try Warhammer out! Really! I was! Then Blizz drops the content patch goodness on Warhammer’s release time. Those evil and smart bastiches!!! I can get that new and sweet Titans Grip before WOTLK?! Time to grind another 27K honor for the 2H Merciless Axe and luckily AV weekend falls on a holiday weekend where I have an extra day off!!

I started last night with the daily of WSG and really feel the need to post about it. Listen guys, when you drop into a WSG that 0/1 and quickly goes to 0/2, you do NOT quit playing! I zoned in to this and I went immediately to get the flag and ran it back for a capture. A pally whispers me to tell me “Thank god, someone who can play!” I stay in the throne room and kill all the ally with a very nice Resto Druid and affliction Lock. No one was getting our flag.

Another druid takes the ally flag and is gone!!! I run down tunnel to intercept his pursuers and proceed to fear bomb all of them with a piecing howl for good measure and the druid was gone and up the tunnel for point #2.

I am already half way to their flag so off I go. A priest gets there before me and I meet her running out and she drops the flag off to me. Another thing guys, this priest was awesome because she knew I could run the flag better and chose the match over personal glory. We run it back and get into a fight at the opening of our tunnel. I sword and board it with Blazefury in defensive using reflect and block whenever they are up while sundering the target I am on until I get 5 and the guy drops. Sometimes, it is better to fight it out especially when your team is there to back you up.

The fight is done and I am able to run up tunnel with 1 or 2 chasers. 1 chaser is a gnome warrior who knows what he is about and is about 1 or 2’ ahead of me and is not fighting but running. He is running to pick up our flag before I can cap! This is a fine tactic until you Warstomped by me. He was exactly 1” away from the flag when I capped for the win.

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