Monday, October 29, 2007

AV holiday, Arena, and 350BS!

So then,

I kinda got screwed this weekend on getting in my AV easy honor. I will end up with 17k so I can get some new boots. I need those boots as I am wearing ones that are from lv60. Ya... I know. Think about this tho... What do the people think in Arena when Mabd and I beat them and they look up my poorly geared butt on Armory?

We played arena this weekend. We keep making some mistakes. I made another line of sight mistake.

Note: Even if you are ON TOP of the tomb in Arena, those shitty little columns will block a hunter. Who knew?!


After I got over that HUGE/little Mithril hump, I went from 275-350 in no time thanks to some Mabd help and the nice reserve I had.

I get to 350 and realize I have not done the weaponsmith quest... (*$# mE! ./sigh

Get that done and I am starting on mats for Lunar Crescent. I am just going to farm the G for the Primal Mights ... cuz... I am NOT fighting that many elementals. The Primal Airs are gonna be nasty tho. Other than that, I have the mats.

AV Warrior style,

During AV, I noticed I tend to do 2 things more than anything else. I Charge/Hamstring and kill stuff or I tank bosses. While killing is fun... I never realized how deadly I was with a dedicated healer til one game when a Shaman /w me and said "I got your back, go bonkers. :D" Well, I did. I racked up 115 HKs and he had most healing done. Anything not in plate fell like panties on prom night.

Tanking is easy peasy in AV. A word of caution tho... if there isn't a healer why did you rush in to tank?! I only did that once btw.

This week the focus will be in getting Lunar Crescent!

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