Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two Dwarves and an Elf

Biggest reason for playing the game is right here.

This is a pic of my wife's and best friend's toons! We have a Warrior, Pally, and a Priest. We are truly nasty when questing together.

Let's see...

I respecced to Protection on Kelmar since it looks like my dreams of a 2v2 team went to hell. I tanked Shattered Halls (regular) with Ironbelly (Paladin) healing and with a rogue, mage, and hunter. I decided to go Prot for the run because that is quite a hefty amount of DPS. Well, I get some smack about them pully aggro and to be honest... it's been a looooong time since I was pure Tank and was a little worried. No, I did not pick Devastate... just not worth it for 5mans imo.

Nothing dropped that anyone could really use and we wiped 2-3 times on some rough pull/add combos but overall I was pleased with the run.

The best thing was about half way through when I get the mage telling me I can tank for him anytime. This was followed by the Hunter telling me he couldn't pull aggro if he tried. I was really please with this. So... I decided to stay Tank with Kelmar for the time being. I will do Black Morass to get my Kara key on Tues. After that I may sign up for a run or two.

I know how to tank.

Time to prove it.

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