Friday, June 29, 2007

My mission

So there is my warrior, a Tauren. I know I know, but you are on a PvP server!!! Well, this guy is only my first. I plan on playing all Horde races as warriors and giving my thoughts on the class as well as the races. Now, I am sure this has been done before and, quite frankly, done better than I am able to do. However, this doesn't stop me from wanting to share the stories and feedback I will get from writing here on the blog.

To give my credentials, such as they are, I offer the following information. I have played warriors since launch. I played a Dwarf warrior named Markel on the Malygos server. Yes, I know Malygos is a PvE, but please let that slide as I was new and a noob. I went from 0-60 and through aq40 on Malygos learning how to play a warrior.
I had a lot of help on the way up too. I would be remiss if I did not name those who helped me most. Thanks to Socc, who taught me how to tank, Demndred who let me off tank a time or two, and Hamsandwich, who taught me how to DPS my little Dwarf heart out. After leaving Malygos to play with friends on a new server, I had the joy of becoming a father which led to some WoW downtime.

I started playing again a month ago and realized very quickly that I do not like playing anything but warriors. I started over on an RPPVP server named Lightninghoof and made my Tauren named Herk. I was really excited about challenging myself in an open PvP enviroment. I had played PvP on Malygos, but it wasn't the same. Dueling and playing in BG's is not the same as playing on a PvP server. I know this by the looks that are given when asked what kind of server I play on.

Random guy "Ok, so you play WoW."
Kelly "Yup"
Random guy "What kind of server."
Kelly "PvE"
Random guy "Ok, next."
Kelly "Wait! I've killed C'thun!"
Random guy "You're still here?"
So off to the PvP server I went.

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