Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time for Talent Trees Lvs 10-20 and weapon choice

My thoughts on Talent Specs are really quite simple, I follow the simple moto of Arms is best for PvP and Fury is best for sustained PvE damage.

Now having said that, I have had success with both specs for both things. It is sometimes a question of what you like to play better. Sometimes it is a question of gear. You get the Epic 2H axe on a drop and you currently Fury dual wield... I am respeccing arms... thank you... You like my new Axe?

So, back to lvs 10-20. What I always choose, save for this last time since I wanted to try something different, is Cruelty all 5 points. +5% Crit is Huge. People went nuts for in raids for nice gear with + to Crit on it and here is why.

5% is 5 swings out of 100 is a Critical Strike. Crits are so nice at low levels that they will almost immediately kill the mob or will be very very close to it. Now there are normally more crits than just those 5 which are due to cruelty. Your Agility also gives you +crit, I am not sure exactly of the new mechanic but I think it is roughly 18-20 agil per 1% Crit... I need to check on that and will update laters.

It is my theorycraft that Fury is the best to level with. When you are grinding out mobs or doing quests sustained damage is best. However, we are playing on a PvP server and we must take that into account. On Herk, I went full Fury tree until I hit lv 30 and then I got the Whirlwind Axe and switched back to Arms.

Now, for the levels of 10-20, you will need a high DPS 2H. I like axes the best because the usually have the highest minimum Dmg. When you see weapon damage it reads like this
( 105-137 ) Axe and (94 -110) Sword. Swords are usually the faster weapon speed and will do less dmg per swing even if they swing more times. Axe swing between .20 to .40 slower depending but always give you another 10ish points of damage. Also, when 2H axes crit they crit HARD.

So to sum up lv 10-20

Tree of choice? Fury
Points in Tree? Cruelty 5/5
Unbridled Wrath 5/5

Weapon of Choice? 2h axe

Always remember WARRIORS ARE GEAR DEPENDANT! You should hit the AH when you are on even levels just to see if there is an upgrade. 2H axes can be upgraded every 3-4 levels.

More later folks

P.S. I typed this with my son on my lap... if I have forgotten anything or missed something... I blame the 1yr old!

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