Friday, June 29, 2007

Big Red Kitty

Thanks to Big Red Kitty for his whole hearted endorsement. We have been friends with BRK for awile now and no one that I know of knows more about Hunters than him.


Did he ever tell anyone about his warrior alt?! It may have been a moment of weakness sure, but he did have one. Your secret is out BRK.

He even admitted we out DPS'd him. I used to out DPS him but my gear was from AQ40 and he had his rare PvP set. Not quit fair was it? I think I did manage to out DPS him in outland during a Ramparts run after the patch that gave warriors there Rage back.

Side note: BRK was there with me when we ran UBRS after the Rage nerf... I was still in my AQ40 gear and he had just switched to BM. He out DPS'd the crap out of us! Hobbes let me cry on him tho.

If anyone does not know who BRK is, you should!

Bigredkitty also contributes a column to WoWinsider. He gets flamed wonderfully. Hopefully some of those flamers will come over here and flame me.

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