Friday, June 29, 2007

Which race?!

Here are some thoughts and specs.

Let's start with the Orcs

-Axe Specialization: Axe/2H Axe skill +5
-Command: Warlock/Hunter Pet Melee Damage +5%
- Hardiness: +25% Stun/Knockout Effect Resist
- Blood Fury: Strength +25%, Health -5% Every 3 seconds for 20 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.

Wow!!! Look at those. Bar none for DPS warriors Orc is the best. For PvP they might be the best as well.

- Cultivation: Herbalism +15
- Endurace: Total HP +5%
- Nature Resist +10
- War Stomp: Stun 5 targets around you for 2 seconds, 2 minute cooldown

Here comes the tank! Tanking is the Tauren's rasoin d'etre. I think the Herb and NR were thrown in do to the Druid bit... or maybe they ran out of ideas? Who knows?

- Cannibalize: Increase Health Regeneration by 100% for 20 seconds when 'eating' a Humanoid or Undead body only, 2 minute cooldown
- Shadow Resist +10
- Your breath underwater lasts 3 times longer
- Will of the Forsaken: Immunity to Sleep, Charm, Fear for 10 seconds. 2 minute cooldown

Some solid talents here. WotF being the best. Cannibalize is nice for the bandage impaired. Breath and SR?! Not really great for a warrior. I guess if you were into hiding in the lakes because were are on a PvP server then go for Undead!

- Beast Slaying: +5% Damage vs. Beasts
- Berserking: Increase Attack/Cast speed by 25% when wounded. Must be under 20% health to use.
- Regeneration: +10%HP Regen, 10% of HP regen works in combat
-Throwing Specialization: Throwing Skill +5

Poor trolls got the shaft when it comes to rolling a warrior. You ask again, "You are going to play a Troll Warrior?" Yes, I will... eventually... probably last too.

I have listed the races in what I believe to be the best top to bottom. I chose Orc first and Tauren second. I have been playing my Tauren more because he is HUGE and when the weapon scaling they look even cooler.

Also, I believe Taurens to be the better choice for PvP servers and I will tell you why... next post.

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