Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Instance running on Shaman

All Shaman... need a hand here.

So I am leveling shammy to at least get in range of my wife's hunter who is now lv32. I am sitting at the start of lv 25 when I see LF2P for Blackfathom.

Now, since playing the druid, I like running instances again. They are fun and new again for me. What I have not done... er didn't realize since I kinda did on my Druid... is run the instances since they were made "easier." Easier is an understatment.

I get in the group and we have shammy, shammy, warrior and druid. Both shammys are Enhancement, Warrior is fury and Druid is Feral. At the level we are playing at... was there any question which spec we were playing?! But, I get the question anyway... "Are you resto?"

"F(*k no I ain't resto. I'm leveling you tool!"... I didn't type that tho.

Group lets out a sigh for enhancement and says "We are after gloves too!" What gloves?! Who gives a shit... we are level 25 for god's sake. There were no twinks either so that is a non issue.

"I don't care about the gloves. I want the xp and the quest stuff." Really?! Ya... really.

So we go... I tell them I will play main healer and they like me even more.

We get in and start wacking away at naga and turtles and I am BORED! No one... but no one even got under half health the entire instance. We ran through that place like we were questing and there was only 4 of us. It got to the point where we all just went DPS with the everpresent Healing Totem.

I checked my combat log to see if the totems stack. Since it doesn't differentiate between the two totems my guess is no. I didn't have time to go an check on it tho. If anyone knows the answer a comment would be great.

40 min laters

We are done and I am logging for the night. If they are going to be fun again or at least not a pain in the ass... I will make sure to get groups for instances instead of run throughs. This weekend!!! SM run with the wife?! Maybe...

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