Friday, January 4, 2008

2 points to reduce Ghostwolf casting time?!

So I have been reading builds for my shammy while I wait for Sugars to hit 58 and we do Hellfire together. Hellfire is all he's getting too! lol

I try and play with my friends but getting on to play at the same time is often a problem. Once everyone hits lv70 it's fine tho. You on?! Ya! K, let's do such and such.

I am looking forward to going resto on the Druid. I wanna get him so nice resto gear and do intsances/Kara with him. The instances are much more interesting for me on a healer than on a tank. After tanking for 2 years... I need a break.


I haven't really been playing the last coupla days so he is lv22. However, I have managed to do every quest in Silverpine and have the mid/higher ones left in Barrens. I haven't touched Stonetalon or Ashenvale so getting to level 30 over weekend should be easy unless Sugars hit's 57 in which case I gotta switch to Aerth and hit 58 to make sure I am ready for Hellfire. When Shammy hits 30-31 I can use him solely to play with my wife and spend some time on Herk to get the rest of his gear.

Warrior/Druid/Shaman will do it for me. That's tank/PvP, Healer/PvP and DPS/PvP. I draw the line at any further alts. I do wish I had started a shaman earlier. If I had, I doubt that I would have a mage/hunter/pally that I will never play.

I wonder if I could get a friend interested in playing again by giving him the mage on a new acct. hmmmm

So those 2 points in Ghostwolf. PvE... not sure it's worth it. PvP to get away from that jackass 70 I see coming... priceless.

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