Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Shaman Fast Tracked and The Dreaded Run through

I really dig the Shaman. Have axe will travel is definitely working for me. I am trying to catch my wife's hunter so that I can slow down and play with her on my shammy when she plays. That make sense to everyone? K.

I set myself up for a Wailing Caverns run through that Sugars the 54 Lock was happy enough to oblige me with. We are next to the last Druid of the Fang when things go to hell. I die from a mob stuck in the floor. I try and run back but sure enough there are pats and I die again. I tell Sugars he gotta come back to the start and he says "Dude, I am lost."

I can't blame him at all. He worked on New Year's Eve really really late to give his workers a holiday and was running on 3 hours of sleep. I'll bring Herk in tomorrow and clear the thing cept the bosses... I am going for twink gear for the shammy to fast track his leveling. I won't be running the instance over and over to get it but since I have to do it again anyways...

Which brings me to my next topic... The Runthrough...

When I am doing run throughs for peeps on Herk it's just silly easy. He usually 1-2 shots everything and just keeps going like a... well... like a warrior. Also, I play er fast, impatiently... wanna kill... wackety wack wack style. I slow down if I am tanking a high level instance but not by much. Noobed is under the impression he has seen me tank... Tanking in Arms spec is not seeing me tank. I still go too fast at times. A helpful "slow the F down" never hurts with me. It gets worse if I know I am playing with quality players.

When I have my wife healing me on her priest, it is balls to the wall. I know how much mana she needs for a pull of whichever size and I don't stop for a break unless she is at 100 mana. She likes to cuss at me about it but I know she loves it. You gotta get your priest adrenaline going sometimes!

Back to the runthrough...

Go fast... get the hell out... if you are lv 54 you dont skin for light leather!!! I will give you the light leather!!! or the G equivalent. But then again... that's why Sugars and the wife never go through the G I do either.

Side note... Dueled a pally... stomped him a new mudhole. SHAMMY ftw!

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