Thursday, January 24, 2008

Instance instance instance

Been having fun with doing instances...

Here are a few stories and one liners for everyone.

Aerthson and Sugars in Blood Furnace in the fight right before the Beholder... er the Eye thingy.

Aerthson, "Ok, need a favor warrior when the third group rushes us, you Challenging shout and I will hear the entire party with Tranquility k?"

Warrior, "Yup"

After wipe

What happened to Challenging Shout guy?

Warrior, "I'm not prot spec stupid!"

Healer Pally to Herk...

"How are you tanking 5 and not losing aggro?"

Herk, "Warstomp!"


"Yes, you didn't know that gains more aggro than Sunder and Shield Slam combined?"

"wow, I didn't know that!"

"No problem, I was lying."


Aerthson in Underbog

"YES! I wanted these gloves... any other healers that use leather? Thought not!"

"Well, er... I um... That is a healing cloak... anyone mind if I ... sorry about that all"

"Holy... a leather healing chest piece!... I er ... hey all... I know I said I wouldn't take anything else but... and I have passed on all the greens... can I?"

"Hey!!! A crap blue healing dagger... Can't use it... go for it all!"

Thanks for the run guys!... guys?

In response to my pug questions on Herk.

"No, I am not interested in joining your guild. Thank you."

In response to my pug questions on Aerthson.

See Above. Also, "yes, I know that my guild only has 3 people in it."

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